happy monday.
first, miranda lambert’s song priscilla. currently on repeat (it’s sunday afternoon). and usually stays on repeat for at least 20 minutes whenever i listen to it on spotify. she is just so great. love the song. love her.
second, how are you!? how was your weekend? tell me all about it!

friday, i did my 1,000th push-up of the week! i was pretty excited to have met the challenge from the workout bud. as my prize, he got me this stinking awesome tank. he knows me well – love the razor back to show off my muscles, love the kettlebells, and LOVE the words on the kettlebell. plus, i look really good in gray!


saturday morning, bright and early, i taught 2 bootcamp classes. saturdays are usually a full body day and i like to do a fun workout. i’ve been stalking axfit.com all week for ideas. both classes really ended up liking the workoutcomplete with farmer’s carry, equalizer pull-ups, wall balls, agility ladder, deadbug and more! i even did a round myself after class and it was tough. but fun. which is the best kind of workout, right?!
mom and i got brunch at our favorite spot and went antiquing for the afternoon. and we drove around noblesville looking at all the BEAUTIFUL houses. we wanted to own like half the houses we saw. if only we were so rich… :).

i wasn’t feeling great when we were done (i think my stomach can’t handle large quantities of hemp seeds. i had them on my acai bowl below!), so i did something i haven’t done in so long. i took a nap. it was wonderful. but i wanted to sleep the rest of the night! and the rest of the night i was just groggy and lazy.

IMG_9363saturday night, i ended up doing some research on my acne. normally, i just don’t worry about it, but some days, it really gets to me. i ended up stalking the ladies over at purely twins for a good hour. i was really encouraged. definitely going through some of the same things they went through/are going through, so i loved reading up on what they are doing.
i think the acne issues, from what i’ve read and researched, are due to my gut and hormones. i’m going back to the basics of trying to heal my gut again – taking l-glutamine, gelatin, eating slowly, bringing back the lemon water, trying to cut out any extra sugar. doing the oil cleaning method (and chatting with my girl sara about doterra oils) plus, i’m focusing on more fats to help with my hormones. and i’ll probably try to back off the workouts. i know i mentioned i was going to do it this past week, but i didn’t do the best job.

it’s just frustrating because i feel like i am doing everything right, but the acne won’t go away (and it’s itchy), my tum is still sensitive to certain foods, the back of my tongue is white. just need to remind myself that it’s a process.

on a happy note, i ran by earthfare on saturday night and found these!! gah! i was so excited. i’ve been dying for a place to carry gluten and dairy free cones.


sunday was church and some food prep. i decided to just hold off on any meal prep for the week, partly because i have some leftover prepped and partly because i just want a break from food prep. i did make some larabar bites and nut/seed bars, to get all my fats in one little bar. i’ll let you know how they come out!

and, this came in the mail saturday! i skimmed through the book and i think about half is stuff i already know from studying for my nasm cert. t-minus 1 month until i take my group fitness exam! so excited!


whew, long update.
get ready for another edition of well, hello monday…
i’ve been wanting to do a throwback edition for a few weeks. so, all the fashion and workout posts are from my pinterest archives. i found too many drool worthy eats and house posts this week!

just wanted to switch it up a bit.

on the in-between (of a sandwich): why it matters

on happiness: that’s unconditional and is not subject to the all too familiar comparison trap

on self-love: #iwillwhatiwant

on lifting heavy things: lessons

on working out less: play more

on rest: planting and harvesting

on downtime: its importance

on skinny: the secret 

on kettlebells: why they rock

on quickies: the benefits

on my ‘don’t forget about these workouts that you pinned so long ago!’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘i want someone to make me ALL THESE RECIPES now!’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘i still love these after all this time and want them in my closet now’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘keep these decorating tips in mind for when you have a house and hgtv comes to decorate’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.


dig this quote. dig emma stone. dig her outfit. and it’s safe to say i’m a fan of red velvet cake.

man, looking at my pinterest wardrobe makes me want fall and to buy new clothes! i’ve been living in workout clothes lately, which is just fine. but i needed to check out those pins for some inspiration when i wear real clothes!

here’s to another monday.
make it legendary!

– jena.

p.s. tell me 1 thing you are looking forward to today. anyone else struggling with hormonal acne, candida/gut issues?

want more burpees for breakfast?
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