how are you today?
halfway through august.
did you have a good weekend?!

friday, we had beautiful weather. i woke up early, had a low key day at work, ended up having coffee with a friend to talk blogging (she’ll be launching her’s soon) and fitness (she’s thinking of getting her personal training cert!), did a bit of shopping and just relaxed. i’m getting some profesh fitness photos taken this weekend, so i had to scout around for a new outfit!

saturday, i woke up around 6:30a. when i made the plan to wake up at 5am-ish during the week, i completely forgot about the weekends. i didn’t want necessarily sleep in and throw off my schedule (keep in mind, sleeping in is between 7:30-8:30am). so, since i went to bed a bit later on friday, i opted for 6:30am rise time. it still worked.

i was so excited about going to our local fit fest, but it ended up rainy and not very exciting. i spent mid-morning and afternoon making some client training plans, budgeting and making my study schedule for my group fitness cert. throw in a trip to tj maxx and earthfare, checking things off the to-do list, two blog posts, like 8 episodes of gilmore girls and 2 sourdough cashew butter and raspberry jelly sammies and you have the rest of my saturday!


sunday was another early morning. i sipped my l-glutamine and lemon water and went on a mini prayer walk. then i cleaned my bathroom, did 2 loads of laundry, roasted some cubed sweet potatoes, made a batch of rice, read some blogs, made a waffle and started a batch of bone broth all by 9am! so productive. i got actual marrow bones from the store for my bone broth. up until now, i’ve been using chicken bones, but i decided to get the ‘real deal’ this time. and i used the recipe from practical paleo!

before church, i did a little yoga video from adriene. i saw she had a crow pose demo video, so i decided to try it. now, i’ve been working at crow pose for a while off and on. it’s on my fit goals for 2014. i went through the video. and then i held crow. for a good 20 seconds. i was in shock.
then i held it again for 20 seconds. then i decided to take a video. and held again. 4 attempts later and i finally got a good video. and i held crow each time! insta only shows 15 seconds of it, but rest assured, i got to 30 seconds. i was pretty darn excited.

after church, i had a pretty chill day: blogged, read blogs, created workouts, read a little group fitness stuff, watched more gilmore girls, and got ready for another week. and, my mom helped me make this AWESOME shirt! 100% homemade, of course. want one?!!


here’s to another monday.

on lifting heavy: and NOT getting ‘bulky‘ (i know it’s from 2011, but i just read it. and it’s great)

on willpower: to-do vs. how-to

on body love: if your pants don’t fit…

on self-confidence: this podcast (shawn makes some AMAZINGLY awesome points about women and how we should love our bodies mixed in with the other topics. love it.)

on life: 26 things

on rest: it takes courage

on food: the best diet

on eating for muscle: are you?

on kettlebells: how to swing

on being fit: it’s many benefits

on my ‘need to try this workout’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘i want to click and have the dish on my kitchen table’ list: one. two. three. four. five. –> if only i could eat dairy!
[ i have no idea what this says or what is in this. i assume things that will make me double over in pain. but oh, it’s beautiful ]

on my ‘remember these outfits for fall’ list: one. two. three. four. five. (notice how much i LOVE that j.crew vest)

on my ‘future home wishlist’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

yes to that.

my workout challenge this week: don’t workout…as much. i’ve been talking about cutting back on the workouts for weeks. this week, my challenge in only 1 strength workout (leg day this morning!) and 1 cardio/strength day (anne’s class on thursday). the rest of the week is just yoga, bodyweight practice – some push-ups, pull-ups, and plank- and walking. i do well with challenges, so let’s see how i do this week! wish me luck.

make your monday legendary.

– jena.

p.s. what was your favorite thing you did this weekend? what is one thing your looking forward to this week?

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