we made it to another friday!
and almost finished another month!

today, i’m sharing some of my favorites.
i’ve done a few ‘10 favorites‘ posts before, but since it’s friday, i figured i join other bloggers and do a friday favorites post.
grab that cup of coffee and enjoy.


ed sheeran – thinking out loud.

this song randomly came on to my amy winehouse pandora station and i loved it. then i found it on spotify and contributed like 100+ listens. with ed sheeran, either i hate his stuff or love songs so much that i listen like it’s my job. i absolutely love this song. and of course, i listened to the video to see how it sounded. and i can’t quit listening.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bLQ6U-1nRc&w=560&h=315%5D

meghan trainor – all about the bass.

another song that i just don’t get tired of. seriously, this song is so great. i mentioned before that it was my jam and it’s still at the top of the list. i’m ready for another song from this gal. love the beat and love the lyrics.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PCkvCPvDXk&w=560&h=315%5D


farmer’s carry

i shared a workout that included a farmer’s carry a couple weeks ago. i love this move these days. it works the lats, core and helps develop grip strength.

partner forced workout

last sunday night, i mentioned to the workout bud that he needed to come up with our monday workout. and then he sent it over to me. i was pretty impressed. he always whines about me making the workouts, so after seeing what he came up with, i knew he could create workouts. plus, he’s getting his pt cert, so he needs practice. we did the workout monday and it was a doozy. i was not happy by the end.


however, it was a good sweat sesh. make sure to check it out the post and workout here!


morning glory muffin…waffles

i made some morning glory muffins on sunday. i had some extra batter…because i ran out of muffin liners, so i made a giant waffle. i shared a sneak peak of the last time i did this on insta. and the waffle this time came out a winner again. LOADED with coconut butter and cashew butter. recipe will be up soon! IMG_9718

spirulina chia pudding

i found this recipe from the hummusapien a few weeks ago. i’ve tried chia pudding before but it never really tickled my fancy. until this recipe. love.
so i wondered how it would taste if i added some spirulina to the mix for an extra kick of protein. deliciously green goo. IMG_9651

plus, i ran out of coconut, so i switched up the recipe a bit. new favorite breakfast. snack. pre-workout treat. ANNNNDDD, i add a heaping spoonful to smoothies for extra fat and protein!

adapted from hummusapien



this text from my dad.

i sent this to me a week or so ago. and i was so excited. my dad is a runner. and for father’s day i gave him a booklet of hiit workouts that he requested. then a week or so later he asked about some parkour training workouts. then this. i LOVE that he is so into fitness these days. makes me smile.
i think he is trying to find a few crossfit gyms to learn about lifting and do some practicing. which will have to do until i open my own gym, right?!


tamanu oil

i read tons of articles on tamanu oil and how awesome it is. well, i finally bought a bottle at earthfare and i love it. i feel like it’s helping my face for sure. i hoped it would have magical healing properties and heal my face overnight. wishful thinking. healing the acne is a journey…

the 28 day love your body challenge

so, molly galbraith did this 28 day love your body challenge a few months ago. i participated for the first few days and then off and on for the rest of the challenge. i loved it. i started training a new client last week and mentioned this challenge, in addition to writing a letter to her body. she started on monday, and i decided to join her. loving it again!

new badges

i am SO EXCITED to have 2 new badges on the right side of the blog (peel your eyes away for a minute and take a peek). I found out this week that i was accepted as an ambassador for girls gone sporty! plus, i’m an IDEA inspired blogger (on the front page no less. thanks alphabetical order)! i am so happy to be a part of such an awesome community of fitness and healthy living bloggers! much more to come on this!

bootcampers + burpees

i decided i needed to add this to my list. all 3 of my bootcamp classes ROCKED it out this morning. i created a partner back and bicep workout and every 4 minutes they had to stop and do burpees for a full minute. and they did SO GREAT!


i’m taking my sister to see catching fire in the park tonight! can’t wait!

happy friday!

– jena.

p.s. what are your favorites these days? music, workouts, eats?

want more burpees for breakfast?
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