today, we are taking a break from what i ate wednesday.
i’ve got another kind of treat for you instead.

a few weeks ago, i was nominated by the amazing jill conyers for an inspiring blogger award. i was surprised, humbled and just plain excited when i saw the tweet and the post. sometimes i can get caught up in trying to get more blog readers, but ultimately, it’s about quality right now. i love the readers i have, including jill. this lady is stinking awesome. she is one of my go-to gals for weekly encouragement. she has such an amazing heart and i am so grateful to call her a ‘blend.’


the inspiring blogger award is a fun way to celebrate bloggers and spread the blog love. the rules allow you to get to know me a little better and allow me to introduce you to some bloggers that inspire me daily!

inspiring blogger award rules:

  • thank and link the person who nominated you. – check!
  • list the rules and display the award. – check!
  • share 7 facts about yourself. – see below!
  • nominate 15 other blogs you enjoy, and let them know you have nominated them. – see below!

it was a bit tough to come up with some facts, but here goes…

1. i am afraid of heights.

2. my all time favorite book is the outsiders. it was my mom’s favorite book when she was a kid and she made me read it in high school. i’ve read it so many times and i still love it. and there is only one copy in the family, my mom’s copy from when she was a teen.

3. when i was in grade school, mariah carey was my idol. i loved that woman. not only could she sang (yes, better than sing), but she is biracial. like me. these days, i’m not so much her fan. she tries too hard and is too airy when she sings. just belt it out like you used too, mariah!

4. if you couldn’t guess from the name, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. and pancakes are by far, my favorite breakfast food. like, i could eat breakfast for lunch and dinner. and have pancakes each time.

5. in high school, i took ceramics for four years and won 3 awards for my work (wish i had some photos for you!). my senior year, i had extra free periods and basically took ceramics for at least 2 hours a day. my final project was a mixed media giant rooster cookie jar (the head came off), made from raku clay (which means it was metallic)

6.  my grandma calls me snoopy. she is the only one that calls me that. and i don’t even like snoopy.

7. i hated gym class in high school. and either forgot my clothes or said i had my period when we had to swim.

now for the nominations. had Jill not nominated me, she would surely be on this list. now, i broke the rules a bit and listed 10 instead of 15. the bloggers below are amazing women. i love seeing their insta photos and make sure to check out their posts on the daily. basically, they are awesome and you should click on each of their blogs right now. seriously, you’ll be missing out if you don’t.

Nicole at The Fit Pepper

Amanda at Sistas of Strength

Lindsay at Cotter Crunch

Taylor at Lifting Revolution

Jessica at The Fit Switch

Stephanie at The Lipstick Gospel

Emily at Coconut Contentment

Lyndsay at The Balanced Brunette 

Sarah at Shh…Fit Happens

Rebecca at Flex and shout Fitness

over and out. enjoy your wednesday!

– jena.

p.s. tell me 2 random facts about yourself and one of your favorite bloggers (is it me?!?!)

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