happy monday!
how are you?! how was your first week of september?! the weekend, even?!

guess what happened friday? actually thursday afternoon?
the manner of women FINALLY came!! It hasn’t made an appearance since mid July, but after seriously 3 weeks of a bloated tummy, extra zits, and tons of emotions, it finally started. i celebrated by eating a pint of ice cream and a bag of root vegetable chips. i’ve never prayed so hard that a period would start before. i was beginning to think that i’d just be an emotionally, bloated wreck with an acne riddled face for weeks.


let’s just say while i am glad it’s here, the cramps are no.joke. friday, i laid low during the day and made some warm turmeric, cinnamon, honey, and ginger almond milk. the turmeric is supposed to help with inflammation, along with the ginger and i read that all the ingredients help soothe cramps. i added everything to a pan, warmed it, and drank it. definitely helped. i finished working around 4ish and doozed off an on for about 2 hours before making dinner. i decided to just chill out the rest of the night and watched christmas movies before falling asleep a little after 9.

i woke up a little after 7 on saturday feeling wonderful! the sleep and rest was JUST what i needed. i took the morning slow and then headed to the gym for a kettlebell workout and some pistol squat practice. i’m getting better with the kettlebells because i used a 25# for almost my entire workout, including windmills and clean/press. i felt so stinking amazing and strong after. it was great and will be up on the blog this week!


i spent the afternoon doing some random things before heading to starbucks to study for a my group fitness cert – which is happening in 2 weeks! i think i’ve cracked the book maybe 3 times since i got it. and it’s mostly been to skim the chapters and fill in the study guide. i’d say over 50% of the info is stuff i already know from my cpt exam. i’ve filled out the study guide, so now i just need to make a little plan for the next 2 weeks of what i want to review before test day. i spent the evening at my parents for some much needed mom time and watched another christmas movie and some ninja warrior!

sunday, i got up early, as usual. my plan was to get this blog post and another for the week written, but after my devo, i made some pancakes. since i was in the kitchen, i decided to do a little food prep. then i turned on my hillsong young & free station on pandora and just cooked and sang some great worship songs. now, i am usually not a fan of christian music, because alot of it is pretty fluffy. but, i must have just needed to sing some praises today because there were so many great songs and i was so enjoying singing and cooking. after church, i finished up and made: salmon cakes (thanks to the practice paleo cookbook),cake batter coconut butter (recipe here), avocado chicken salad, paleo banana bread, buckwheat, salad for tuesday lunch, and maybe a couple other things.


i painted nails, finished the blog posts, did a few things on my list, got some lifting gloves + new headphones, and then spent the evening walking around outside. it was SO beautiful – fall is the air!

and speaking of fall, we are getting closer. second week of september is upon us. and another monday. enjoy another edition of ‘well, hello monday…

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on my ‘these workouts look awesome, you should try them soon.’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘i bet this tastes as great as it looks!’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six. seven.

on my ‘ways to rock a print AND layers.’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘ways to wear glitter and sparkles.’ list: one. two. threefour. <–love this idea. feminine and frilly with some kicks.

on my ‘can i get these rooms in my future house?’ list: one. two. three.

on my ‘buy this shirt asap because it is 100% true.’ list: 99.9% change


just a little encouragement and motivation for your monday!

what are you up to this week? i’ve got a few days of teaching, plus, i’ll be working hard on my pull-ups and pistols. check for a progress update towards the end of the week.
oh, and if you haven’t entered the AMRAP bar giveaway yet, click here to enter.

– jena.

p.s tell me two things you did this weekend.

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