Happy Fit Friday everyone!

Today, I’m telling you about an awesome new fitness app…if you couldn’t guess from the title of the post, right?!

I recently got the opportunity, through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach and Sweat Pink, to try out an app called The Fitness Games. Now, I’ve mentioned before that I am fairly competitive, so when I found out about this opportunity, I jumped on it.

This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through their partnership with Fit Approach. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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The Fitness Games app ‘takes exercise and turns it into a fun game.’ Users can challenge friends (or themselves) and other users worldwide to sweaty workouts, upload results, take Instagram worthy photos, videos and even those gym selfies, and comment, like or follow others. This is not your average workout tracker.

The app contains over 50 hand-crafted workouts, ranging from four different categories, including Cardio, Strength, Full-body and Cross Training. There is even an option to create your own workout, which is really handy for personal trainers who train clients that have the app. All workouts are tracked, scored and saved, so, similar to a workout tracker, you can see your progress over time.

I am sure you’re asking: How does this all work, Burpees For Breakfast?!

Do let me tell you!

First things first, head on over to the iTunes store or Google Play and download the app for free! Next, create your profile. Like my photo of my bulging bicep muscle as my background and profile pic?!

When you create your profile, you can add your favorite workout song and workout philosophy, which is pretty fun. I am actually 5’7, but for some reason it won’t save it.  You can also track your wins/losses on the profile page.


After you’ve created your profile, it’s time to find some friends. Now, since this app is fairly new, you might have to coax your friends in to downloading it and creating a profile, so you can challenge them. Luckily, I was also to add all the fabulous Sweat Pink Ambassadors as friends and challenge them.


WORKOUT TIME! This app has so.many.choices! Cardio. Strength. Cross-Training. Full-body. Each category contains different workouts, all with varying levels of difficulty. There is something for every type of fitness enthusiast!

The free version of the app comes with a couple workouts in each category that are ‘unlocked.’ In order to unlock additional workouts, there is a Premium version for $0.99 and a Platinum version for $1.99. Plus, more workouts can be unlocked as your points increase, which is an incentive to use the app and challenge friends.


My gym membership was ending the week that I was able to start reviewing the app and with the craziness of life, I only managed to squeeze in 1 strength workout from the app. Rebecca at Flex and Shout challenged me to the Arm Annihilation Triceps workout and by the time I could make it to the gym to accept her challenge, it disappeared!

So, I decided to challenge her and complete the tricep workout one day before bootcamp. YOWZA. It looked tough from the description and boy, was it KILLER. I ever done just a strict tricep strength workout. Usually I pair triceps with chest or shoulders, so I was feeling it.


Last week, I remembered that I’m running the Men’s Health Urbanathon in a little less than 1 month and that I should probably get on it with some training. I decided the Special Forces workout would be a perfect fit. I took the workout bud with on this workout and I am sure he will tell you right away that he hated it. He’s not one for cardio, so even though there are just 0.25mile runs, he wasn’t having it.

Me on the other hand, I enjoyed it. The running made me realize that I need to run every few days leading up to the race (which I’ve done all week – more to come on that). The hardest part were the pull-ups. I structured the workout so that we would run past a park when we got to the pull-ups and leg raises. Since I STILL can’t do a real pull-up, I did inverted rows (another thing the workout bud hated). And I ended up doing mostly knee raises, rather than leg raises. By the time we got to the second set of 50 push-ups, we both did incline push-ups on the park bench.

This workout was NO. JOKE.


The third workout was completed yesterday morning. I went for a 1 mile run (under 9 minutes!) and then completed Bodyweight Madness 3 outside, on the side walk by my apartment. It was another though one! Mostly legs, so after my run, my legs were burning. Once I got to the high knees, mountain climbers, and scissor jumps, I had to start taking breaks! Overall, good leg day workout.


Final thoughts:

I really like the idea of this app. The workouts are pretty great, so I definitely feel like I get a good workout. In the future, I’ll be sure to use these on the days I just don’t feel like making up a workout. There is an option to track all workouts for the week, as well, although I didn’t really utilize this feature.

Creating workouts and being able to send to personal training clients is a REALLY cool aspect of this app and something I will consider for the future. I didn’t create my own workout yet, but I am a fan of writing my own workouts down on paper.

The social aspect of the app is probably one of the coolest features. For those competitive, type-a people out there like me, you will love this app. And try to be the best at every workout.

Downsides would be that you have to pay to get more workouts, although, for a non-trainer or someone that doesn’t plan workouts, this really isn’t that much money to spend. The workouts kick your butt.

There isn’t a way to pause a workout – only quit or submit. I was running super late when I did the tricep workout, and I really wanted to pause it, and finish up at bootcamp.

If you like what you read so far, make sure to download the app and give it a whirl.

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– jena.

p.s. What is your favorite type of workout? Strength? Cardio? Bodyweight?

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