Happy Feeling Fit Friday!

Fall is in the air!
Gah! It’s cloudy and cool out today. Perfect fall weather. I’m going to the pumpkin patch and fall festival tomorrow and I am so excited!

Today, I’m bringing you an awesome workout. I did this one last week before bootcamp and it kicked my butt. It all started with wanting to work on my pistol squats.

If you haven’t done pistol squats before, they are tough. Since I was at teaching, I decided to take advantage of the TRX and work on my pistols. After figuring out how much time I had to workout before it was teaching time, I picked out a few more moves that I knew would make for a good workout. And I must say, this was one of my favorites.

If you are trying to fit it all in, this workout is one for you. If you don’t have a TRX, check below for some modifications. If you do have a TRX, this workout is pretty perfect to do outside. You’ll also need a box/chair/park bench for the box jumps, a medicine ball for the russian twists (or dumbbell or kettlebell), an agility ladder or side walk chalk to make your own, and a timer.

Set the time for 1:00 minute of work and :15 seconds of rest, for 14 rounds. Do 1 side of the body for the first round and the other side for the second full round.

Be sure to warm up before you start – I did a 1 mile run. You can also do a dynamic warm-up, which consists of moves that are similar to the moves that will be done during the workout. So, you could do some jumping jacks, squat thrusts or regular burpees, maybe a few push-ups.   And of course, stretch after.


  • ninja burpee: keep your core tight! If you don’t have access to a TRX, you can certainly just do a single leg burpee. Drop the push-up for a regression.
  • Box Jump: squeeze those glutes and contract the quads as you jump up. Thrust those hips forward as you stand up fully.
  • Russian Twist: keep your back flat, navel to the spine. Twist your entire upper body, don’t just move the ball back and forth. Drop the ball or weight for a regression – if that core is tight, you will still feel it!
  • Spider crawl: stay low and keep it tight. Move opposite arm and leg forward at the same time. For a bit more of challenge, move forward for 30 seconds and then go backward for 30 seconds!
  • Agility ladder: pick your favorite at this station. Just search agility ladder drill on Google for some options. Have fun with this one and move fast. If you don’t have a ladder, draw a ladder on the side walk with some chalk!
  • Plank Pikes: these are tougher than you’d think. Brace through that core and squeeze the glutes and quads. As you come into the pike, image a string around your hips from the ceiling, pulling your hips toward the ceiling. It’s a dolphin pose with your feet in the TRX. Hurts so good.
  • Assisted pistol: Keep it tight. Slow and controlled. Drive through the heels up and down. Tight glutes and core.

I’m heading to the doctor in a couple hours. I finally broke down and made an appointment after 3 weeks of my asthma cough. I am not the biggest fan of the doctor – as in, I hate the doctor – so I am hoping she tells me something is actually wrong so I don’t waste money for her to tell me it’s just allergies.

Let me know if you try the workout and how you like it. Hopefully it’s a good for you too! Props to the workout bud for taking the photos.

– jena.

p.s. What are you doing this weekend? What is one of your favorite new moves?

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