Happy Monday!
How is everyone? How was the weekend? Is it finally fall where you are? Saturday was like 40-50 degrees. Same on Sunday. So cold.
Here is how the weekend went down.

Friday – ‘You just might have had bronchitis and it’s clearing up.’ – The Doctor
I finally went to the doctor Friday morning. I’d been coughing for now, 3 weeks. It’s my asthma cough, so I just figured it might be allergies and would go away. However, Tuesday night I started to not feel very good and ended up staying home from work on Wednesday – sore throat, headache, cold and achy, and more coughing. I HATE the doctor, so even making an appointment was a big deal for me. She said I might have had bronchitis the past 2 weeks (even though I never felt sick until Tuesday), and gave me a steroid inhaler and told me to take some Mucinex. Ugh, I also HATE that I have to take the ‘roids. But I’ve sucked it up this weekend and took the drugs. And somehow I feel worse…

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.07.46 PM

Saturday – ‘Jen, it’s just pumpkin, pick one and let’s go.’ – My 13 year old sister, Kate
I went pumpkin picking with the family on Saturday morning! Uh, so stinking cold. But super fun. There were SO. MANY. great pumpkins. It took forever to choose, which is why Kat whined at me.  I went with the little guy on the left (see below!). I’ve never had a green pumpkin before! After the patch, I ran a few errands, made 3 different breakfast dishes for the week – 2 oatmeal dishes and some paleo banana bread waffles. I ended the night with a little shopping – fall makes me want new clothes! I also had my first try of jerky – love. Just love.


Sunday – ‘Once you get to the flesh, it’s pretty easy to cut.’ – Food Blogger on cutting Kabocha Squash
I always have lofty goals of what I can accomplish in a short amount of time. I hoped to do a little yoga, food prep and shower before church. And still make it on time. Did not happen. I did make it only 5 minutes late, and managed a short 10 minute yoga sesh. I had to leave church early to take a shift at the Health and Fitness Expo in Indy for Fit Now. After my shift, I made a Target trip and left with more than I planned to get. #typical.
Then I went home to finish meal prep – which including cutting a kabocha squash. Just so you know, if you’ve never cut one before – it’s hard. Or at least the way I cut it was tough. In half, scooped out the seeds and then sliced. Maybe I needed a sharper knife…?

Ready for another week?! First full week in October! This week’s post is a little light – busyness and sickness last week meant not so much time reading blogs. Here’s to another Monday.

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Fun fact: never seen Anne of Green Gables. It’s on my must see list.

Isn’t my pumpkin so cute.
Ready for another week?

– jena.

p.s. What was the best part of the weekend? What are you excited for this week?

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