pistol squats.
flying pigeon.
kettlebell snatch.
200# + barbell squat.
50+ double unders…read: 1-2 double unders.

… 1 somersault…

All fitness move (and there are probably more) that I want to be able to master some day soon.

Today, I’m linking up with the lovely Jessica, over at The Fit Switch, and Nicole, over at The Fit Pepperfor my new favorite blog series, ‘The Fit Dish.’ The topic – What’s your weakest link when it comes to healthy living?!

Oy, I knew as soon as I saw the instagram post what I would be writing.

I want to do it all. All the moves. I want to be awesome. At all the moves.

Which usually means, I tend to try alot of things at one time. Rather than focusing on one, maybe 2 things, and accomplishing those goals.

About 2 months or so ago, I decided I wanted to be able to do: a pull-up, a pistol squat on each leg, a headstand and handstand.

Now, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish such lofty goals, right? Wrong.




Because those are pretty big goals. If you add in regular workouts, work, teaching, blogging, everyday life stuff, and some relax time, there isn’t an overwhelming amount of time to practice those things.

And hardly enough time to practice each for a significant amount of time that would allow for accomplishing the goal within a short amount of time. My time frame was like 2 months or something.

Then I read this awesome post from Amanda over at Sistas for Strength about Consistency.

And I realized, I needed to pick one thing, maybe 2, and stick with it.

I picked pull-ups and pistol squats.

And I made a little plan that included doing a pull-up every time I walked in my room (I moved my pull-up bar to my bathroom door frame), work on some back exercises, follow a pull-up plan. For the pistols, I researched some different techniques and started working at it.

Then of course, life got in the way and I missed a day or two, and then didn’t practice as much.

But, it was much better to pick one or two things and stick with those.

Although, you know what I am going to do?

Focus on the pull-up. Focus on one goal. Work at it. Put my heart into it. Keep in mind why I want to be able to do a pull-up. Do 10 pull-ups.


Doesn’t mean I can’t work on my pistols. Or my double unders. Or, yes, a somersault. Just means it won’t be my focus.

One day, I’ll accomplish those goals. It just might not be in the super small time frame I give myself.

Because, when I look back and see how far I have come with other fitness goals – I can clearly see that I’ve accomplished awesome things. Awesome things.

It just took time.

And I’ve got lots of time (even though I’m going to be 27 in 2 months – so old, right?!) to work on being even more awesome than I already am.

Can I get an ahem? A holla back girl, even?



So, tell me, what is your weakest link with healthy living? How are you going to fix it? Any tips on mastering pull-ups or pistols?

– jena.

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