Well, hello!
Notice a little change?!
After lots of work on Saturday and with help from the workout bud, the blog is now self-hosted! See how excited he is…


How was your weekend?!

Friday – worked from home and FINALLY started feeling better. I had to teach bootcamp all morning and my first two classes were full of coughing. I wanted to sneak in my own workout since I had been off all week, but since my final class only had one participant, I ended up doing the core workout I planned for the day with her, rather than my ‘All About That Bass‘ workout. Still a good one! I did some Christmas crafting with my mom and sisters after work, where I had a few bites of THIS popcorn! Whey is one of the ingredients and since my stomach hates whey, I only ate a few pieces, just to try it out. Β Then IΒ made some homemade sushi for dinner.

Sweet potato mash. Avocado. BACON. and Smoked Salmon. #todiefor


Saturday, I slept in a bit, showered, got ready, which means I put on jeans and perfume and made myself look presentable, rather than putting on workout clothes, and went off to start moving the blog. I drove to Starbucks, but the parking lot was so full and the line out of the lot. I turned around and drove to my favorite coffee shop. I ordered a coffee and tried to connect to the wi-fi, literally, 10-15 times, to no avail. So, since I knew I’d need his help, I drove to the workout bud’s house. After lots of fenagling, chats with the Dreamhost support team (thanks, Nick!), and 404 + 500 errors, we got the blog moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org! And after 3+ hours, we went on a walk outside.

IMG_0449.JPGWhen I got home, I watched my first episode of Scandal…might need to start watching that show for real. And then I spent many a hours tweaking my theme and getting things set up. I did some html and css courses through CodeAcademy earlier in the summer, and luckily, I remembered a little bit. Definitely going to do a refresher and make more tweaks and updates to the blog in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout!

Sunday, I finally worked out! I started off with a mile run and then did the ‘All About That Bass‘ workout – which was awesome. I rushed to make it to church on time and then had some lunch with a friend after. I made a few shopping stops: World Market (LOVE THIS PLACE), the grocery store, and Target. Leave it to Target to make a pair of knock-off earrings that were cheaper than the one’s I’ve been eyeing for months. #score

IMG_0464.JPGI also decided to skip the Urbanathon. I’m pretty bummed, but I think it’s a good decision. With the black lung, I was basically out of workout commission for 2 weeks. And the workout bud was sick last week too. So, rather than spend lots of money to drive up to Chicago for the race, we decided to hold off. Just gives me more time to train for another race later. Maybe the Drumstick Dash again.

Here’s to another Monday

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on my ‘must try workouts’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘maybe i should try and make these recipes this week’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six. <– gah. i want. right. now.

on my ‘reasons i love fall fashion’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘future home inspiration’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on fall tables: i want a party with this table


So. True.

What’s on deck for you this week? Today, even. I don’t have a super busy week ahead and now I have a free Friday and Saturday, so I need to find some fun fall things to do. This week is a good week for me to organize my todo list and get a few this done. Probably also a good week to start my SAQ Training course I received (for free!!) from NASM a few weeks ago…

Tell me about your weekend! And what’s on deck for this week!

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