Well, hi!
How you doing? Anyone else ECSTATIC that FRIENDS is coming to Netflix in January?
I might need to save up all my vacation time for January, rather than Christmas time, so I can binge watch for DAYS. Seriously, favorite show.

How was your weekend? Mine was full of shopping! Friday was a work from home day and like usually, I was able to cut out a bit early at 4. I went right after to pick up some Prednisone, aka. a terrible steroid that I loathe taking. I’ve had this cough for going on 5…maybe 6 weeks now and it will not go away. I feel better, but still sound like I have The Black Lung. So, when I called the doctor on Friday, she called me a 5 day dose of the ‘roids. I’ve used to take it at least once a year when I would get sick. It kept me awake, my left arm twitched constantly, and I just felt off. I also emailed my Dietician to see if there was anything I could do to help ‘counteract’ it’s effects and she recommended upping my probiotics – which is a really great excuse to drink more kombucha!


Friday night I hung with the workout bud and we went shopping in hopes of finding some deals at Dick’s and Old Navy, but we both left empty handed. We did, however, eat some really good bison chili and nachos for dinner. BUT, there must have been some dairy or gluten or something snuck into my eats because as soon as I got up, I bent over as we walked to the car and promptly curled up in the fetal position when I got into bed. Such pain.


I woke up Saturday feeling better and took my first done of Prednisone. I used to take it with a big spoonful of Edy’s Rocky Road ice cream, but since that isn’t an option this time, I opted for a glass of chocolate almond milk and a spoonful of sun butter. If the pill even touches my  tongue, it takes alot to get the taste out. It literally tastes like someone coated your tongue in hairspray. Seriously, avoid this medicine at all cost! The chocolate milk did the trick though!

Since the workout bud and I skipped the Urbanathon, we decided to hang out for the day anyway. We went to the more upscale mall in the area, after hitting up World Market and Nordstrom Rack. So many good stores in the mall, but I am nowhere near rich enough to purchase a majority of the things. I went to Lululemon for the first time in a long while. The workout bud found some ‘Ninja Pants’ and immediately wanted to purchase. He said he’d get them if I bought some pants…


I tried. I really did. To justify spending $89 or $98 or more on a pair of leggings. Yes, the were comfy, but really. Just couldn’t do it. If I could wear the pants, literally, every day and be guaranteed they would last me for years and after lots of washes, maybe. But, for now, I’ll stick with my Old Navy and Target tights.

For a late lunch, we went all out with 4 mimosas each, edamame, salmon (for the bud), a burger (for me), 2 regular sushi rolls, and 2 ‘dessert’ rolls. We told the waitress we wanted dessert and ordered 2 sushi rolls: one with filet minion and one with beef. She got a chuckle out of that. And we ate everything. #fatkids


Sunday was church and food prep and a walk and trying to narrow my focus for my todo lists this week. I’ve got a lot in my brain and a busy week ahead. I also spent some time trying to figure out how to get all my blog photos transferred over! Stinking caching made me think that all my photos transferred over, but after looking at some old posts on a different computer last week, I realized only a weeks worth of photos transferred! Blargh! I couldn’t find any solid answers and I tried the import 2 more times, to no avail. So, in the meantime, I re-did the tabs at the top, so those at least have photos (except for the workout by type and body part page). Oy, this stuff isn’t as simple as they make it seem.

Busy weekend! And, like I said, busy week ahead. But, I am more than stoked because today starts my one-month of classes at Force Barbell. It’s just across the street from my house, a few doors down from bootcamp.  I’m more than excited to start lifting heavy things again. The 6:00am class was the best.

Here’s to another Monday…

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on my ‘so many workouts to try!” list: one. two. three. four. five. <– tried that one over the weekend!

on my ‘why can’t I eat ALL the food, ALL the time?’ list: one. two. three. four. five. <– make that this week!

on the reasons why I love bacon and butternut squash.

on my ‘this is why I love fall fashion’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘ future home inspiration’ board: one. two. three. four. five. six.
You already know.

Remember that this week.

I’m ready to tackle week, especially because SARA is coming this weekend! We’ve got a night of Audrey Hepburn, a night of Lifetime movies, a day of antique shopping and mornings filled with pancakes and girl time. Can’t wait

– Jen.

What do you have going this week? How was the weekend?

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