Happy Feeling Fit Friday everyone!
And Happy Halloween!

Can you believe October is already over? I can’t believe how fast time is flying, but I must say, I am getting pumped for Christmas and my birthday (only 37 days away!).

So, the workout bud and I test drove a Tesla last night and now I want one. Like for real. It is a legit car: super cool inside, so fun to drive (and so fast) and so environmentally friendly. I was really hoping they would just give it to us after the drive, but we only left with a Tesla key chain and a small dream to own one someday. If you have never heard of a Tesla, make sure to check it out here.

Enough car rambling. Today, I’ve got a workout for you that has been in my arsenal for a few months. I originally created this workout for a client a few months ago, loved it and then completely forgot about it until I was cleaning out my workout notebook last week. My notebook is a.hot.mess. Kind of like my hair in these photos – they were taken post workout.

This workout includes 6 different supersets. You’ll perform the first exercise for an allotted time, followed immediately by an isometric exercise that works the same muscle group.

If you remember from the post on plank variations, an isometric muscle action is one that produces no visible change in muscle length. The force being exerted by the muscle is equal to the force being placed on it. Isometric exercises are wonderful for building strength and endurance, can be done almost anywhere with bodyweight, and activate nearly all motor units [source].


Like my attempt Halloween themed photos?!


  • 1-set light – mid weight dumbbell (I used 8#. Don’t go less than 6#, or higher than say 15#. Or feel free to use a couple different sets for each move, if you have them available).
  • yoga mat or towel
  • timer (I use this Gymboss app on my phone)


There are 3 rounds to this workout. Each round consists of 6 supersets. For the first round, the ‘A’ exercises will be performed for :45 seconds, immediately followed by the ‘B’ exercises for :15 seconds. Followed by a :30 second rest break. [ :45sec A, :15 sec B, :30 sec REST x 6 ]

Round 2, exercise ‘A’ will be performed for :30 seconds, immediately followed by exercise ‘B’ for :30 seconds, followed by :30 seconds rest. [ :30 sec A, :30 sec B, :30 sec REST x 6 ]

Round 3, exercise ‘A’ will be performed for :15 seconds, immediately followed by exercise ‘B’ for :45 seconds, followed by :30 seconds rest. [ :15 sec A, :45 sec B, :30 sec REST x 6 ]

You’ll notice that as the workout continues, the isometric holds become longer.



  • Plank walk to push-up to mt. climber: complete the plank walk across your mat, keep everything tight. When you get to one end of the mat, perform a push-up, followed by 4 mt. climbers on each leg. Head back the other direction.
  • Iso shoulders: not sure the exact name, but we did this in one of my group classes and it was terrrrrible. But awesome. Act like you are pressing an imaginary wall away from you on each side. Should blades, lats and abs should be tight. With your palms facing out and fingers toward the sky, pulse arms, from the shoulders, up and down. This should be a super small movement. For the second round, pulse forward and back, again, very small movement. For the third round, point your fingers in front of you, and pulse back and forth.
  • Wall sit: not pictured – I forgot. Make sure to squeeze those glutes and keep abs tight.
  • Pendulum lunge: pick one leg to start with. You will perform a forward lunge, followed by a reverse lunge continuously, until the time beeps. Switch legs for the second round and switch halfway through on the third.
  • Lunge hold: hold one leg for the first round, switch to the other leg for the second round, and switch halfway through for the third round.

Man, this post took forever to write today. I am just barely making my 8am deadline!

I am super excited for the weekend. Planning on doing some major blogging work tonight and Saturday. Plus, my aunt and Omi are coming tomorrow for some crafting!!

And I am hoping that my AFAA certification finally comes in the mail today. It’ll be 7 weeks since my exam on Saturday and I want it!

Happy Halloween!

Have you done any isometric workouts before? What are your halloween plans?!

– Jen.

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