Well, Good Morning!
Welcome back!
A new month. A new Monday.

How was your weekend? And your Halloween?! I was pretty lame and didn’t do much but catch up on blogs, eat granola, watch a couple Halloween movies and veg out. It was stinking cold on Friday and after a day of working from home, the cold weather and misty rain was more than I wanted to deal with. So lazy Halloween it was.

Saturday was a workout, bright and early, since I also skipped on Friday. The Workout Bud and I have gone 2 of the 4 weeks be purchased at Force Barbell. I’m enjoying the workouts and have found I’m way more sore than expected. The Owner and Coach keeps bringing up the idea of doing a weightlifting competition. I so so so badly want to do it and I was so close to saying yes last week. But, after thinking through my goals for next year (getting a nutrition cert or another fitness cert), I am just not sure it’s the right time. I am so sure I’ll do some competitions soon, just waiting for a better time.

After the workout, I did a little blog work and headed to Brews & Beers with The Bud, which had a slow start, so we walked around and got my favorite almond milk chai. Then I spent the afternoon/evening at my parents, chatting with my Aunt and Omi who happened to be in town for the day.

AND, I finally got my Group Fitness Certification in the mail on Saturday! Six weeks to the day of taking the exam. Woo, Woo.

IMG_1086.JPGSunday morning I was productive, as usual. I finally got a new Bible Study, a recommendation from Jessi. It is so good! I debated between Gideon and a Beth Moore study. Only 2 days in and I am loving this one so far. Church was great and inspiring. The Bud took some photos for the blog for me after and we ventured to Target to find him a present for his mom. Let me tell you – this child, yes, he acts like a child, cannot be left alone in Target. It’s too dangerous. He must always be kept on task!! I did some cooking and other things around the house before finishing the night with a steak, to celebrate The Bud’s mom’s birthday.

Finally, in other news, the manner of women came again. If you remember, the manner of women hasn’t been very consistent this year. It seems I am on a 2 month cycle. Not sure if that’s legit, but I’ll take it for now!

Here’s to another week. And another Monday…

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When I grow up, I want a Pug and a Frenchie and I want them to be best friends.

Even though it’s started to get cold and I remember how much I LOATHE the cold weather, I am pretty excited it’s November. Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating, my BIRTHDAY so soon!

How was your weekend? What the most fun part of it?!

– Jen.

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