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What’s today’s topic, you ask?



What is the difference….what is the difference…Should be easy, right?

Took me a little bit to think it through.

Because I LOVE working out. And I do it daily.

Let’s start with RUNNING: What makes a run awesome?

Warm weather running selfie.

Completing it?
Finishing faster than I expected?
Running in the sun on a day that is the perfect temperature?
Getting lost in the music to the point where I don’t worry about the time or pace?

Answer…yes. But also, not always.

I remember when I was training for my half marathon. I DREADED the first time I had to run in the cold (45ish degrees) and  rain. And it just so happened that I had to do long runs for both times. You know what, turned out those were two of the best runs I had during my training.

And subsequent runs in the rain and cold (only sometimes) turn out great. Usually better than I expect.

rainy Boston street.
rainy Boston street.

Moving on to YOGA: What makes a yoga workout awesome?

Releasing all my stress?
Getting lost  in the poses…actually embracing shavasna, instead of thinking about all the things I had to get done after I get up?
Conquering a new pose?

Warrior in the woods.

Answer …kind of.

Honestly, I’m not the best yogi. Sometimes yoga makes me feel great, rejuvenated, stretched. Sometimes I nail crow like it’s my job to stay in that pose forever. Other times, I leave feel like I did absolutely nothing at all.

Next up is HIIT or CIRCUIT WORKOUTS: What makes a HIIT workout awesome?

Battle Rope finisher.

Sweating Glistening like mad?
Adding a few more reps per exercise with each round?
Using a heavier weight?
Going faster than my partner?

Answer…yes. Usually.

After a TOUGH Kettlebell HIIT workout.

I am the first to admit, I’m a recovering cardio junkie. I love getting my heart rate up. I love sweating. I love competing, even if it’s just against myself. High-intensity interval training one of my favorites. I rarely leave a workout feeling like it I didn’t work hard. Occasionally, I leave workouts feeling so worn out that I don’t even know how I made it through…and then I remember how competitive I am.

And finally LIFTING HEAVY THINGS: What makes a lifting session awesome?


Lifting heavier weight that I did the time before?
Adding in one more rep at the end?
Leaving the workout with my muscles hurting so good?
Having the boys in the gym stare at me because I am super strong?

Answer…yes. Most of the time.

I love lifting. There is something about lifting weights that makes me feel so strong and powerful and wonderful. Lifting has done crazy awesome things for my self-esteem and body image. It’s also changed the way I view women’s fitness. Plus, I love being able to lift more weight that some guys!

So, yes, if certain ‘conditions’ are met, it can make an average workout an awesome workout. I’ve had plenty of awesome workouts. And while there is not always consistency in the conditions, an awesome workout has 3 characteristics.

1. The workout CHALLENGED me.
2. The workout was FUN.
3. The workout made me feel POWERFUL and STRONG.

There’s no secret formula. No special pre-workout snack that gives me the fuel I need to make every workout awesome…(although, solid pre-workout snacks are pretty important, in order to have enough fuel to complete the workout, so please don’t skip out on that, unless it’s the early morning, in which case, I can usually workout without any extra snack. Oy – tangent right there!). Even a solid playlist or cute workout outfit doesn’t make a workout awesome.

It’s all about the feeling you have during the workout and after the workout.

And sometimes, it’s okay to have an average workout. Heck, it’s even okay to have a bad workout. A terrible workout. Been there many a times. But it’s those not so great or even average workouts that make the awesome workouts even more awesome. Awesomer.



Now, go out there and be awesome.

Have an awesomer workout than you did yesterday.
Yes, going to use the word awesomer for while now…

Tell me, what is the difference between an average and awesome workout?

– Jen.

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