Remember on Monday. When I told you my week LAST week was rough and stressful at work?
And remember how I was so optimistic that this week would be so much better. And less stressful.

IMG_1117.JPGTwas not the case this week.
Another stressful one.
I’ll tell you a bit about it tomorrow. And share some tips to manage stress.

Until then, just know that I treated myself to a real. doughnut last night.
With chocolate frosting. And sprinkles.
I was nervous to eat it. You know about my tummy troubles.
But I just ate it.

And so far, in the wee hours of Friday morning (6:54am), I’m doing okay.

My tummy didn’t absolutely hate it. Not yet anyway.
One thing my tummy does love.


Tacos. Without a ‘real’ tortilla.
Maybe I should have called it a breakfast wrap?
Does there need to be a tortilla of some sort, whether flour (white or wheat) or corn (white, yellow or blue)?!

Whatever you choose to call it, it tastes AMAZING.
So good that I had it earlier this week on Monday. Again.
The photo wasn’t so good or I would have Instagrammed it.

IMG_1118.JPGI debated sharing this recipe.
Because I’ve shared a couple egg recipes lately.
And the only thing different about this one: THE EGGS ARE WRAPPED IN A COLLARD GREEN.

For. Real.
But like I said.
It’s seriously, delicious.
And we’ve hardly talked this week. And because I didn’t have enough time to share a cool new workout.
I figured a stellar recipe would be a good way to show my love.

Never had a collard green? You should try them. They are full of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber [source]. All the good things. And it makes these eggs taste divine!

Here is the recipe.



* Eggs. Try this recipe OR this recipe. OR add anything you want to your scrambled eggs.
* 1 collard green wrap (per person)


1. Make eggs. Either recipe. Or your own recipe.
2. Remove rib from collard green. You will have 2 smaller leaves.
3. Add eggs to collard green leaves.
4. Enjoy.

IMG_1120.JPGGood breakfast idea for Saturday morning brunch, eh?!
You’re welcome!

I’m taking the afternoon off to catch up on blogs (I’ve seriously hardly been on social media all week!), catch up on shows (The Voice and Parenthood!), RELAX, and get my hair cut! And get ready for a day trip to Ohio with The Workout Bud to see Sara and Kristen + her Hubs.

Have you ever had a collard green wrap? What are your weekend plan?

– Jen.

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