For me, Saturday mornings have become a time when I take things slow. relax a bit (either before or after my workout). I love to sip on hot lemon water or eat some pancakes while I read through blogs. Or spend time on Pinterest. Because you can’t pin just one pin. Am I right or Am I right?

I decided Saturday’s are the perfect day for this series. Hopefully, you will be taking the morning slow, catching up on blogs. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to my ramblings about how I am learning to love my body. Hopefully I can encourage you to start learning to love your body.

Just think of this as a virtual coffee date of sorts. Just girlfriends chatting and encouraging each other.

So grab you lemon water. Or coffee. Or tea. Or a fork for your pancakes.
Settle in.
And read on.

It’s been too long since we’ve had a Saturday Session. Like really long.

I mentioned yesterday that my week turned out to be another crazy one. And that I’d be sharing some stress management tips.

Friday afternoon.
Friday afternoon.

Just a short while ago, I would have been the worst person to give advice on stress management. When I was living in Boston, I worked 3 jobs, doing a volunteer gig almost full-time and working out. I don’t know I did it. Seriously.

Now, I’m not claiming to be an expert on stress management, but since then, and thanks to my gut troubles, I’ve learned a thing or two about listening to my body. And managing stress.

.  This week, Wednesday morning was my breaking point. When I opened my computer to write a blog post, the blog was offline. I tried different browsers. Nothing. My hosting is with The Workout Bud, and the 2 sites he has were down too. I immediately texted and g-chatted him, hoping he’d magically be awake. But I knew I wouldn’t get a response at 6:00am. He wakes up at 9:00 and misses out on prime productive hours. At that point, there wasn’t anything I could do, except shed a few tears that had been wanting to come out since the week before.

So, I returned a few emails and went out to make my lunch, while listening to Shake It Off On repeat. Singing out.loud. The song is fun, upbeat and just makes you want to dance. Or do a 1980’s aerobics routineIt just makes you feel good.

At work, after a couple meetings mid-morning, I felt better and ready to tackle the day and my gigantic todo list. Naturally, I had to blare one of the greatest ‘get shit done and feel unstoppable’ songs – Eye of the Tiger. Remember my Eye of the Tiger Burpee Burner Workout? The song is where it’s at. I got through my todo list.

Do you have a song that makes you feel like you can take on the world? A song that just makes you want to dance? Both type of song really helps.

GET YO HAIR DID. I felt not so pretty, most of the week. On Thursday, I wore workout clothes to my day job. Never done that before. I felt blah. Luckily, I was overdue for a hair cut. I got to spend my late Friday afternoon in the chair, gabbing with my stylist and getting my hair did. It’s amazing how amazing a good haircut can make you feel.


ADD A PARTY NAIL. It really makes all the difference. And hides nicks. Plus, it looks cool.  I finally had time to sit and paint my nails yesterday afternoon. Of course, I did it slightly too close to when I had to leave and I had a little nicks. I’m never patient enough to have perfect nails.

What makes you feel good? Maybe it’s putting on a frilly dress or heels. Putting on some lip gloss or making that hair look like you are going to walk the red carpet. Sometimes you just need to prioritize your exterior – make yourself feel beautiful on the outside.

JUST EAT THE DOUGHNUT. And say, YES to sugar.  I have been craving doughnuts for weeks. Craving. I have not had a real doughnut in probably 2 years. I don’t know why I wanted one. I miss pizza all the time and other such things that contain gluten and dairy. Usually, I just deal with it. Or make a tummy friendly version. But this time, I wanted the real thing. And there are NO vegan or gluten free doughnut shops in the area. So, after work on Thursday, I ran to Target to get some tummy friendly cookies and some pink champagne to celebrate the almost end to the week and the release of one of my sites.

The goods.
The goods.

And I went to the doughnut case. And I saw the sprinkles. And I debated for a minute or so. And decided I’d get it. And then maybe eat it later. I hung out with the Workout Bud and being the best boo that he is, he also got me some Chocolate Chex and kettlecorn. So, before I started on those treats, I took a bite of the doughnut. And it was glorious. It’s been so long since I’ve had one that it could have been a really bad doughnut, but it tasted so good.

And because I don’t always eat healthy and because it was a stressful two weeks, I ate the entire doughnut. And like 5 cookies. And some kettlecorn and a few bites of Chex. Don’t judge. The best part – I woke up yesterday morning without a headache or tummy ache. Maybe it’ll be delayed and come today. Or maybe stomach really LOVES doughnuts?!?!

Sometimes, it’s okay to not be strict and rigid with your diet. If you are stressing, give yourself a break and eat a sweet treat. I don’t care what people say, a sweet treat really does make life a little bit better.

So. Many. Sprinkles.
So. Many. Sprinkles.

GIVE IT A BREAK. I worked out twice this week. Maybe 3 days last week. I went to the gym on Monday, and the workout did not go well. I was not very happy. Then I took 2 off days because I was that busy. And then did the chest/tricep/shoulder workout I created for bootcamp on Thursday. And that’s it. My body is just so exhausted that I know I couldn’t handle a good workout.

I’m talking to myself when I say this – It’s okay to take an off day. To take an off week. Especially in the trenches of stress, don’t stress your body out more by trying to do a crazy workout. It will only make it worse – I know from experience. Take it slow. Listen to your body.

DO NOT DISTURB. My work email comes to my phone. My stress level grew a little with each ding of a notification. I had to shut it down. I normally have my do not disturb on in the evening, starting at 9. I put it on a 1:30p and kept it on until after my haircut at 6p. It was glorious. So much more relaxed.


SPEND TIME WITH THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. On Tuesday night, I went to my parent’s house. I had a bowl of pea soup that my dad made, one of my favorite things he makes. I sat on the couch, next to my mom, noshing on sugar-y treats (#noshame), watching Eloise at Christmastime, catching up on life. It was the best night of my week. Yes, even better than eating the doughnut. Sure, I vented about work, but we gabbed about Christmas and Thanksgiving and cooking and essentials oils and decorating.

Sometimes you just need home. And your mom.

The Workout Bud and I are headed out to Ohio to spend time with a couple Thugs today! Spending some time with people that make me happy. Make sure to check out Insta for some photos!

What are your stress management tips?! Do tell!

– Jen.

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