Happy Monday!!

How are you doing? Are you ready for the week? How was your weekend?
Friday, I took a half day at work. I posted on tips for managing stress on Saturday, which gave you a glimpse of my day. I made lunch and just laid on the couch. I painted my nails, caught up on my shows, got my hairs cut and laid around a bit more for the rest of the night.

Saturday was such a fun day. The Workout Bud and I drove to Dayton to hang out with 3 of my favorite people, Sara, Kristen and her husband Jon. When Kristen found out that the Workout Bud and I were back together, she immediately suggested a double date. We all met for lunch ended up chatting for 2 hours – Jon and The Workout Bud bonded over video games, their LOVE of gluten (yes, they both don’t think gluten sensitivity is a thing. Kristen and I both are anti-gluten!), and the owning the same car as teenagers (a LeBaron convertible).

Homemade vegan vanilla ice cream!
Homemade vegan vanilla ice cream!

We did a bit of shopping at The Greene before stopping in a coffee shop for a drink. We ended up staying another 3 hours or so, chatting and making fun of Hallmark movies. The Bud and I made it home in time for dinner and a quick shopping trip. And of course, I had to end the night with a cheesy Hallmark movie when I got home. Moonlight and Mistletoe. I don’t recommend it. Too cheesy.


Sunday was a really great day at church. We are doing this series on being generous and it’s so cool to see the Lord working. I did a bit of cooking – a BIG jar of fresh made, raw cashew butta. It’s like crack to me. I made a quick trip to see my mom and make a batch of beer marshmallows (I’ve had that beer for almost a year – finally put to good use!). I’m making a pretty sweet dish for my small group Thanksgiving dinner – can’t wait to share it with you! After, The Bud and I went to a class at church – just the basics and more info on the church. It was really good! More details on that soon.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve just been in a funk. After 2 stressful work weeks, I am honestly just looking forward to Thanksgiving break. Hoping for a good week though, going to take it one day at a time. I’ve got some fun things I am looking forward too – like HUNGER GAMES WITH MY SISTER ON FRIDAY! And a half day!

Until then, here’s to another Monday…

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Good mantra for the week, right?!

Don’t forget, make your Monday…LEGENDARY.

How are you going to make your Monday LEGENDARY?

– Jen.

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