How was your week?! Ready for a new workout to try this weekend?!

It’s been another CRAZY week and I am just getting time to sit down to write this post this morning! You can tell from my photos that I didn’t have much time to edit. I do love PicLab, but I need to find a way to remove the tag from all the photos! I don’t have a ton of time, but I wanted to share a workouts I’ve had in my queue for months!


I was first introduced to the Equalizer by Lori and Michelle, a.k.a The Purely TwinsThese ladies are so stinking awesome, right? Well, I saw one of their Equalizer workouts a while ago and had always wanted to try it. When I started working at FitNow, I was stoked to see we had a pretty pink AND yellow Equalizer. If you’ve never heard of it, check out the website here.

What I love (and love to hate) about the Equalizer is that you are getting a full body workout. And each exercise works your core! Some of these moves may look easy, but they are tough. That l-sit…or scrunchy l-sit was no joke. Seriously, the hardest move for me.  My feet are actually off the ground, promise!

IMG_1229.JPGIMG_1223.JPG IMG_1228.JPGIMG_1227.JPG

This workout is set up in 4 tabata sets. You will pair 2 moves for each tabata. Remember, a tabata is a high-intensity mini circuit, that lasts 4 minutes total. You will work for 0:20 seconds and rest of 0:10 seconds, for 8 rounds total.

Tabata workouts are one of my favorite. And a super effective way to increase your EPOC, Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption – of the calories the body burns after exercise.


No Equalizer? No problem! Just use 2 chairs instead. For the push-ups, you do them on an incline. Make sure to keep that core engaged throughout all moves.

I’ve got a half day today! Starting to work in just a few minutes, right after I hit send. I started back at the gym on Tuesday. 2 days of lifting and I could barely move yesterday. Partly because I haven’t lifted in months and likely a majority due to stress. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend and short week next week! And I’ll be hanging with my little sister for the afternoon. We are going to see MOCKINGJAY!!! Can’t wait!

How you worked out with an Equalizer before? Weekend plans?!

– Jen.

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