Good Morning!
Happy December!
And happy birthday week and MONTH to me!!
Next Sunday, I turn the big 27.
Can’t wait.

How was your weekend? Your Thanksgiving? I haven’t worked since Wednesday, so I had a super long and relaxing weekend! On Friday, I hung out with the fam most of the day. I did a little Black Friday shopping with my mom and sisters, before decorating the tree! Without fail, we at least decorate the tree the day after Thanksgiving, while watching Christmas movies. It was wonderful! And The Workout Bud and I braved the cold for about 10 minutes to see the tree lighting in Noblesville.


Saturday, I planned to take The Workout Bud to see Interstellar on the big IMAX screen, but since his bro’s were going to see it later in the evening, we skipped it and went shopping instead! And got my first red cup of the season. And while we had a date with his bro’s, I did a little blog work and binge watched Scandal all night. And ate lots of bites of pie…


Sunday, I had a client session before church. Two days after Black Friday, I finally made a few purchases with my coupons from Dicks: the warmest pair of UnderArmour sweatpants, a new pair of Nike Free’s, a 25# and 35# kettlebell, and a Reebok shirt because I was a couple bucks short to use my coupon. I had a few kettlebells in my car that I was borrowing from one of my bootcampers, so with those bells, one of my own, and the two new one’s I just bought, I was hauling almost 200# worth of kettlebells in my car. And I ended my night with more Scandal! #addicted


If only I could just skip work and watch all day…but alas, it’s Monday, and we ain’t got no time for that. Instead, here is some link love!

on marriage: text messages FTW

on building muscles: the ultimate guide

on life: lessons from being overwhelmed

on being present: and blogging

on courage: being brave

on modifying exercises: a beginners guide

on sticking with exercise: keep it simple. seriously.

on my ‘these look like workouts I need to try’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘now that Thanksgiving is over, I can eat again’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my  ‘these frilly options would be perfect for a holiday party’ list: one. two. three. four. along with these earrings!

on my ‘future home ideas’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘I love Christmas trees AND lights!’ list: one. two. three. four.


I’m so glad it’s December. November was crazy and busy and stressful and fun. But, I know December will be awesome. Still probably slightly stressful and super busy – well, I know super busy. Which is why I decided to scale back on the blogging for December.

I want to savor December. I want to bake Christmas cookies. And watch cheesy Hallmark movies. I want to hang out with my family and friends. Not that I can’t do all that AND blog at the same time. There was once a time when I could probably handle everything I have going on right now and be just fine. But, not anymore. And I’m okay with that.

So, because I know I will miss you too much, I’m planning on keeping up with my weekly ‘Well, Hello Monday…’ posts. Plus, I’ll be sharing a weekly workout this month as well. I’ll probably pop in here and there with some life updates and other fun posts. And, January should be jam packed with lots of things – I’ve got the ideas brewing!

Until then.
Make your Monday.

How was your weekend? How will you make your Monday legendary?!

– Jen.

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