Less than 2 days until my BIRTHDAY!

The big 27.
On the 7th.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved my birthday. I usually countdown for days and days. I like to have a birthday week…sometimes a birthday month. It’s a day that I can do what I want – because it’s my birthday!

I go on more about birthdays below, but first, lets talk about today’s workout with a SLAM BALL.  I did this workout a few months ago and loved it. And shared this super fast video of me doing the workout on Insta. The Workout Bud was awesome enough to be my photographer one day so I could capture the workout. And then, like a good fitness blogger, I planned out when I would share this workout. I initially wanted to share it this week – I thought the lucky 7 would go well with the birthday. Also, 7 is my lucky number. I actually decided on a different date, but because life got in the way, you get the workout today!


The great thing is that you don’t even need a timer for this baby. All you will need is a jump rope and a slam ball. A smaller medicine ball will also work for this, just be careful on the slams so that it doesn’t come back up a knock you in the face. I know this all too well…

The breakdown is 7 exercises, 7 reps each (or each side, depending on the move), for 7 rounds. And there are 77 skips with the jump rope. Easy enough, right?




  • Keep that core engaged, especially when doing the mt. climbers and plank jacks.
  • Weight in the heels for the slams, squats and wall balls.
  • Make sure to follow through on the down for the slams. This is a full body move and you will also feel it in your back.

Here is a demo of each move for you!

lunge wchopbballsquatjump


On Saturday, I’m spending the day with my besties in the Dayton area. We are going to go see Christmas at our college! And Sunday, I’m planning on waking up late, grabbing my favorite almond milk chai and reading at a coffee shop before church. I’m debating on a workout. Maybe a shopping trip. Then The Workout Bud is taking me out for dinner. I am getting all fancied up and I can’t wait!

Plus, I am going to make a rice krispie treat cake with ALL the sprinkles. And eat it all. Yay for Birthday’s!

Let me know if you try this workout! Happy Feelin’ Fit Friday!

– Jen.

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