About that time I took blog photos for a workout, on a sunny day, and didn’t look at the photos until a couple months later, only to find that I was making a terrible face in most of the photos.

That happen.

I took these photos with The Workout Bud a couple months ago, along with the photos from last weeks workout. And then I didn’t look at them after. Until a couple night ago when it was time to get the photos ready to share in today’s post. And I realized how squinty my face was in most of the photos. Including the one’s below. But I was too booked to take new photos this week, so you get to see my squinty face!

Happy Feelin’ Fit Friday, by the way! Are you as excited as me that it’s Friday?!

Today’s workout is a good one. There are 4 different moves.You will need a mid-heavy kettlebell or two different weights, and a jump rope. Each starts at a certain number of rep and either decreases reps by 10,  5, or 1 rep, each round, except for the skips.


For example, you will go through the first round: 100 skips, 50 swings, 25 deadlifts, and 10 clean + press. After the last clean + press, rest 30 seconds, if need be, then jump (literally) to 100 skips, 40 swings, 20 deadlifts, and 9 clean + press.

KETTLEBELL SWINGS reps decrease by 10.
DEADLIFT reps decrease by 5.
CLEAN + PRESS reps decrease by 1.
SKIPS are always 100 reps.

Feel free to repeat the entire workout one or two times, or use as a finisher. You can also start with a higher number of reps (100 swings, maybe) or lower number of reps (30 swings) for each move. Or increase/decrease reps on specific moves.


What are you up too this weekend? The Workout Bud’s parents and my parents are FINALLY meeting. For the first time. In 4.5 years! Crazy! Plus, I plan on watching Christmas movies and decorating. And my church is having a Christmas party. I’m thinking it should be a great weekend!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?!

– Jen.

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