Good morning!

How are you doing? How was your weekend?
My left arm is a little sore, as I type, from holding up my ENGAGEMENT RING ALL WEEKEND! Hah!


Isn’t that a beauty?! Man, The Workout Bud sure did a good job!
I knew it was coming, but I certainly didn’t expect it on Friday night! He had me looking at rings for almost an hour on Tuesday, so I figured he still hadn’t picked one out. Apparently, he was just showing me a bunch, including the one above, to make sure that I actually liked it. Good job, boo.
I’ll share the whole story this week, but I can tell you, it was a good proposal. After it happened, we went over to my parents house to show them and scream with my mom.


Saturday, after 4 1/2 years, our parents met! We had lunch together and celebrated. Everyone is pretty excited. The Bud and I just hung for the afternoon – he played video games like a nerd and I did some planning,  watched Scandal, and noshed on the GF brownies The Workout Bud’s mom made for me.  And the sugar cookie tea was top. notch.


Sunday, I stared my first day of a liver detox. It is the same detox I did when I first started my elimination diet 2 years ago. The past few weeks have not been so great for my stomach, plus, after dealing with a candida bout or two this year, I wanted to get a clean slate. I debated waiting until after the holidays, but I am pretty positive, there won’t be a ‘good’ week or weekend to do a detox for a while.

Now, last time I did the detox, I was sick for the first two days. But, this time, I feel pretty good. No sickness, just a little tired. Which was perfect, because I spent my Sunday afternoon on the couch, by the tree, watching Scandal and blogging (my bloglovin feed is starting to look prettier) and planning.

IMG_1572.JPGNow that there’s a wedding on the way, you can expect to see a couple wedding posts and some of my favorites each Monday. So, be on the lookout. Until then, here’s to another Monday…

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the wedding dress I would die for.



Gah, it’s beautiful. And expensive.

I’ve just got this week of work, and then it’s 2 weeks off for Christmas!! I teach a couple of days and have a hair cut to look forward too at the end of the week!

How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to this week?

– Jen.

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