Good Morning (or Afternoon, depending on when you read this)!
How are you doing? How was your weekend? Have you done all your Christmas shopping?!


Friday was haircut day (finally!) and wedding planning night with my mom. The Workout Bud and I talked all Wednesday night about things, so I delivered the news to my mom over popcorn and Say Yes to the Dress. We are still trying to nail down our venue – we thought we had it and then a barn came into the picture and might work perfectly. Hoping we can set the date by the end of the week or early next week.


Saturday was Christmas shopping day! The Workout Bud (thanks for all your sweet comments about our story!) and I ventured out around noon and didn’t get done shopping until almost 8pm! We stopped to eat some Bibimbop at one of  my favorite Korean restaurants for dinner, so that took up some time. After shopping, I got everything wrapped and put under the tree and we ended the night watching Step Up All In (the four might still be my favorite!)


Sunday we had an awesome Christmas service at church. After some cleaning, I went to the parents house to make my famous gingerbread cookies (<–get the recipe!), a GF | DF batch of gingies and some beer marshmallows. I found a bacon maple ale at World Market on Saturday for the mallows. I think it made my best batch yet! I am planning on covering them in chocolate and crushed up bacon! Gah! Can’t wait. That night, I got my final 3 Christmas presents, which means there is only one left to make!


Today, I’m only working half day! I’ve got a coffee date planned, followed by a gym date, and some other Christmassey things! After I’m finished at noon today, I am off work until the 5th! Woo!

So, in order to kick off Monday right, here is another edition of ‘Well, Hello Monday…

on body love: the body I’m meant to have.

on life: love the challenge.

on Superwoman: stop trying to be her.

on marriage: and staying pure. and a follow up.

on pull-ups: on how to get there.

on workouts: why you shouldn’t just give them.

on my ‘must try workouts over break’ list: one. two.

on my ‘I want all these treats for Christmas’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘perfect holiday attire’ list: one. two. three.

on my ‘I want to sleep in these rooms right now’ list: one. two.

because this is what I want to do all day / am doing for the next 45 minutes…


If anyone wants to get us a wedding present, get me a Frenchie! I want one so much! Or a pug.

Another lighter week for ‘Well, Hello Monday…’ and probably another light week on the blog. I have some new ideas in the works and along with helping The Workout Bud study for the CPT exam, personal training business planning, and wedding planning, I’ll be working on the blog a bit. So keep your eyes out for some new treats coming next year. And keep an eye out for my 2015 Fit Goals – they are still in the works, but almost finished.

I hate when I forget to say it, so…

…make your Monday…Legendary.

Tell me the best part of your weekend! How are you going to celebrate the holiday week?!

– Jen.

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