When I found out I we would have the two weeks around Christmas/New Year’s off from work, I had planned to do a little wedding planning, do some work on the blog, and help The Workout Bud study for his CPT exam.

I should have realized that since I am one year older, time will star flying by even faster. Which it did. Also, our besties were in town from California, and we ended up spending lots of time with them. Along with lots of other family and friends. It was great and I am glad we were able to do that, but it didn’t leave me with much time to do blog and business things.

IMG_1776.JPGPlus, I just found time to relax. Just not do anything. Finishing season 3 of Scandal and getting caught up on this season! And as much as I told myself that I needed to work on all the things I had planned…I didn’t. Which is why it took me so long to finally figure out my 2015 goals.

Honestly, it took a little bit of time for me to come up with my goals. I didn’t want to aim too high, but I also wanted to put out some challenging goals, that I knew I could meet. It’s easy to add goals that seem cool and attainable, but not be very excited about reaching them, which is what I did last year.

My slogan for the year is:


I found that last year, I had a lot of big dreams. Some you can see in the goals below. But I wasn’t daring enough. I played it too safe when trying to make the dreams come true. I didn’t make time. Not this year.

This year, I’m going to be daring and dream big. Just check out my 2015 goals!


Do more yoga: I know, everyone has a goal to ‘do more yoga.’  But, really, I want to do more yoga. Yes, I want to be able to do some awesome poses, but I also want to work on my flexibility. Plus, I want to have a well rounded fitness regimen, and know yoga is the perfect additional. I plan on starting with a yoga workout at least one day per week.

Become confident and consistent with pull-ups: Oy, with the pull-ups (poodles) already. These things just kill me! People make them look so easy, but for some reason, I just CAN’T. DO. IT. Blarg. This year will be MY YEAR. I will do pull-ups. And more than just 1. or 2. I will do sets of pull-ups. I’d love 15 in 2015….

And push-ups: I can do real push-ups. Heck, I did 1,000 in one week before. But I’m not confident enough to win a push-up contest. In teaching bootcamp, push-ups were one of the exercises I saw performed with the WORST form. So many women were either afraid to try push-ups on their toes or were just not strong enough. A push-up, in my opinion, like a pull-up, is a fundamental body weight exercise that should be done correctly. Goal for 2015 is to be able to do them consistently. And maybe try and beat The Workout Bud in a push-up contest.

Deadlift 225# for 5 reps:  I learned to love lifting in 2014. And I want to get better at lifting in 2015. I had to ask The Boy what he thought my goal for lifting should be in 2015 and this is what he came up with. I think deadlift will be the toughest because I consistently struggle with my form. But I am up for the challenge.

Squat 225# for 5 reps: My bass is right in the middle of not being flat anymore and wanting to be nice and round. I want the nice round bass. So, I will squat for dayssssssss.

Bench 135# for 5 reps: My wedding dress (I want to show you guys so bad!!!!) is strapless. Which means the first half of the year, I am going to spend a little more time on my upper body workouts. Which means lots of push-ups and pull-ups (see above), which is the perfect primer for knocking it out on the bench.


Create a business plan: Since I received my personal training certificate almost a year ago, I’ve wanted to really make it into a business. Throughout last year, I had a few different clients, but I was always so busy that I never had time to sit down and actually create a plan. The Workout Bud and I have a dream of opening our own gym one day, so it would be really good to start writing some things down, right?!

Obtain 3 new clients: I toyed around with this one. I wasn’t sure if I could make it happen, but I think this is a good attainable goal. It’ll help me work towards building a business.

Teach 1 new fitness class: As of December 30, I taught my last bootcamp class. I just wanted a change and with the wedding coming up and some of the other goals on this list, I wanted a little more time to focus. I am hoping I can find one, maybe 2 classes to teach per week. Classes where I have a little more flexibility over the type of workout I can teach.

Pursue Nutrition Certification: Another big goal for 2015. As I am writing, I’m getting a bit nervous that I am going to be stretching myself too thin. But, I’m sticking this on here and knowing that I probably won’t be able to pursue it until closer to the end of the year. After doing all my research to figure out what was going on with my gut, I fell in love with all things health (and fitness). Initially, I wanted to go back to school to become a dietician. When that turned out to be a not so great idea, I settled on personal trainer, which I love. But I am still missing the nutrition component. I want to go with Precision Nutrition. If it doesn’t happen at the end of this year, it’s going on the list for 2016.

Design a workout program: Like a legit program. A program that can go into an e-book of sorts. I have one already in the works too!


Attend a Blog Conference: I’ve wanted to attend a conference for a year or two now. The Blend Retreat (but it’s on Wedding weekend) and IDEA BlogFest are at the top of my list. Hoping I can make it happen.

Create tagline: For some reason, I cannot think up a sloan or tagline. But I’m working on it. I eat burpees for breakfast…lame?!

Start a series: Next week, I’ll be kicking off the first series of the year. It’s a Back to Basics/Wedding Bootcamp series that will last for 5 months. More details to come next week.


Create a morning ritual: For quite a few months last year, I had a morning ritual: hot lemon water + Jesus time. I loved it. And somehow I stopped doing it. My new morning ritual plan: hot lemon water + Jesus time + reading, 30 minutes of reading other blogs + commenting, and a workout, no more than 1 hour, unless I can go into work late.

Savor time with friends and family: The last few months of last year, The Workout Bud and I started taking more time with our family, by being intentional about bi-weekly dinner dates. Family and friends are both really important to both of us, so we plan on being intentional about family and friend time this year.


Have an awesome wedding and first 6 months of marriage: The wedding planning is going really well. We are both super excited. We have also been having such great conversations about everything lately, and talking about all the things we want to do once we are married (pay of debt, take Martial Arts classes together, travel, etc.). I’m pretty excited I get to marry my BFF.

Make time: Or even, take things slowly. I felt like so much of the last half of 2014 was just rushed. So many things I wanted to accomplish and so little time.

My mom got me a copy of The Best Yes for Christmas, by Lysa Terkeurst. So. Good. The Chapter I read yesterday was about making time for your dreams.

What if we dared to take time to write out that new height or next big goal for our lives? The thing we want by never really plan for. And then what if we are honest enough with ourselves to actually write down the first steps for accomplishing that goal? And then what if we were audacious enough to actual schedule time to work on those first steps…The decisions we make dictate the schedules we keep. The schedules we keep determine the lives we live. The lives we live determine how we spend our souls.


My word(s) for 2015 will be ‘Make Time.’ I’m still figuring out how exactly to do that, and I’ll be sure to share some tips along the way.

So many goals! But I am super excited for 2015. I’m off to do some wedding planning with The Boy and then we are going to write out our 2015 goals as a couple. He wants us to become Lululemon Ambassadors so we can get their clothes for free. I told him that I’m not sure that’s exactly how it works…

Have you written out your 2015 goals? Tell me one or two!

– Jen.

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