Good Morning!
Happy 2015!!
First ‘Well, Hello Monday…‘ of the New Year! Can you believe it?!

How was your last weekend in 2015? I have to say, mine was pretty…boring. After a super busy 2 weeks, Friday was the last day The Workout Bud and I had big plans. We spent the morning doing wedding things – asking a million people for their address, finalizing our guest list, ordering Save the Dates, adding things to our Amazon Registry (lots of fitness equipment, of course!), and talking attire. We were super productive and filled with lots of coffee. We hung out with our besties for the rest of the afternoon, playing games, before ending the night with pizza.

Saturday was my free day. I did lots of cleaning and yoga and laundry and menu planning and some blog things. I had a mini Step Up marathon and decided that #3 and #4 are my favorites. Sunday was church, new blog fitness photos, lots of food prep and workout prep (and pancakes!!). I haven’t really done any food prep in about 3 weeks, since I’ve been out and about so much with the holiday’s. I was dreading it, but am super excited to start eating healthier again. Not that I ate overly unhealthfully over the holidays, but I definitely didn’t eat my best.

I ended up making a giant pot of lamb and sausage chili for dinner and it was so. freaking. good. If you follow on Instagram, you saw the photo. Expect the recipe very soon. Then I helped The Workout Bud study for his CPT exam. He takes it on the 14th and has hardly made it halfway through the book. He claims he does better when he crams…we will see.

And to end the night, he made me play a computer game…Along with being devilishly handsome, super athletic, and incredibly funny, The Workout Bud is also a big fat nerd. The computer gaming kind. And can spend hours upon hours (literally, not even exaggerating) playing computer games. So, after years of refusing to partake in such nerd activities, he helped me start a game. And, I surprisingly enjoyed it. Oy, first, I become a tech nerd working at my current job and then I start to become a computer game nerd…

On the up side, it means I’m well rounded, right?

Did anyone start watching FRIENDS on Netflix yet? I am almost through the first season. And I’m currently watching it while I type. What better way to start a Monday, morning?!

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And the rehearsal dinner dress I am DYING for.




Anyone else just want to stay in bed today? I wish I didn’t have to work and could just plan the wedding, blog and workout all day. Unfortunately, ain’t nobody got time for that. This girl gotta pay the bills.

I was really excited to start my morning ritual today. But, after all the computer games and studying, I was too tired last night to finish this post. So, it’s 7am and I am putting on the final touches.

I did start the morning with my lemon water + Jesus time + The Best Yes (I LOVE THIS BOOK!). And since it is butt cold outside, I am settling for an at-home workout. Working out at home hasn’t been my choice in quite some time, but since I’m starting the year off with body weight workouts, I’ll save a trip to the gym and get in a quickie here.

Oh, and we meet with a photographer tonight to talk wedding photos. Keep your fingers crossed that the price isn’t too out of our budget!

And don’t forget to make your Monday.

What are you excited for today?!

– Jen.

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