Good Morning!
How are you doing?! We made it to the second full week in January!
This morning, we have ice. I know it’s only really just started and we have hardly had any bad weather, but I seriously loath winter and cold weather. It puts me in a bad mood. The weather makes it tough to go to the gym. I can’t or run outside because I hate cold. BLLLAAAAHHHH.

Okay, enough whining…How was your weekend?! Hopefully a perfect combination of relaxing and productive. Friday was a pretty slow day at work and since we had gross weather, I WFH (worked from home). In the afternoon, I met my friend Tracy for coffee tea. She is getting married in March, so we caught up on life and had lots of wedding talk. My plan was to start addressing our Save the Dates on Friday night, but I was out of commission in the evening.

I went to the doctor two weeks ago and got a prescription for birth control. It took a little bit and a talk with my Dietitian for me to feel comfortable starting it up again. I went to my Holistic doctor and she was much more willing to talk through things and answer my questions. I started it last Friday, and nearly every.single.day. since then, I’ve felt so nauseous. A few nights, I had to just lay in bed and watch TV because moving at all, made it worse. Friday, was one of those nights. I chilled out watching Friends.

I know it usually takes a little bit of time for the body to acclimate to the birth control, but I figured a week would be enough time. I talked to the doctor and she said to wait and not change anything until the second month! If there is one feeling I hate more than anything in the WORLD, it’s being nauseous. I would rather be bleeding or in pain or have a cold, than be nauseous. And not only do I feel nauseous, I just feel blah, which means workouts are not so fun. I’m going to give it another couple of days, because the severity of the nausea is inconsistent, and if it doesn’t get better, I am demanding something else. This girl ain’t going to be nauseous for more than a month (another reason why I don’t want to get prego!).

And while I’m on the subject, what are your thoughts? I have a history of not so great gut issues, that I feel are finally healing (I can handle gluten better!). I was on birth control before and I feel like it helped contribute to all my crazy issues. And I know it can really mess up the body. However, I don’t want to get prego…and I was hoping it might help with this STUPID acne that won’t go away. And regulate the cycle. Seriously, I have more acne now. SUCKS! Oy, lots of information, sorry. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please shoot me an email!


Moving on…Saturday. I spent most of Saturday with my mom, designing our wedding invites! That is the first mock-up and I think they are looking pretty good. We decided to do a brown or gold paper, with navy ink. Just the accommodations card and the RSVP card to go!

After invites, The Workout Bud and I headed to the gym for a body weight workout. This one was pretty good – we collaborated on it. You can be sure to see the workout, with more details, in the coming weeks of the Bridal Bootcamp!

Did you miss the post on Saturday? Be sure to check it out here and all the details here. I am super excited about this series and I’ll be sharing the first two workouts THIS WEEK!!


The Workout Bud and I spent all Saturday night at an Ugly Sweater party, which means we slept in Sunday, and then went to church. After, I did some errands, returned things, made some food, did laundry and cleaned a bit, started making/checking off my todo list and then watched the Golden Globes!

So much to update you on today. And while I am at it, why don’t I just share some link love with you? Yea? Happy ‘Well, Hello Monday…

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You’re welcome.

I spent last night organizing my todo list, so I am ready to go for the week! I don’t have anything big planned, which is nice, so I am hoping I can get it all done!

Remember, make your Monday…


Tell me the best part of your weekend!

– Jen.

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