Today you get the first workout in the #backtobasics2015 Bridal Bootcamp Series!
Are you pumped?!

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Now, this is not the workout I originally planned on sharing. Which is fine, because I have alot of workouts in my arsenal. Been on a roll with it lately!

The idea for this workout popped into my head yesterday during work and The Workout Bud and I did it after.

Here is how it works: Pick a workout partner. Your partner will pick 4 different exercises for you. You think of 4 different exercises that you want your partner to do.

I picked 4 exercises I thought The Workout Bud needed to work on. He will be the first to say he needs to work on increasing his aerobic capacity, so I picked mostly cardio moves for him.

  • skaters
  • lunges (w/one foot on the bosu)
  • mountain climbers
  • push-ups on the bosu

The exercises below are the ones he picked for me.

Set your timer for a tabata set (:20 work | :10 rest). You will do 4 different tabata’s, one for each exercise. Rather than set up 4 tabata’s in a row on my timer, we rested 1 minute or so after each set, then started the timer over.


Plank walks

Sorry there are no photos for you today. The Boy took some for me at the gym yesterday, but they weren’t so good. Finding a good spot to take workout photos is not always easy business.

Don’t have a workout bud?! PICK ME!!! Try the workout as is. And then later in the week, pick 4 exercises that you know you need to work on and bust them out. It will probably not be very fun, but it’ll be worth it! You can also pick some of the basic moves for this series.

 Make sure to let me know if you try out this workout. You can use the hashtags #backtobasics2015 and #bridalbootcamp. Oh, and you can tag me too.

Do you like to workout with a partner? Do you like tabata workouts?

– Jen.

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