It’s Friday!
Feelin’ Fit Friday, to be exact.
Have I written that intro before?


Today I’m sharing another #backtobasics2015 Bridal Bootcamp Workout. If you missed the details for the series, click the BRIDAL BOOTCAMP tab at the top or click here <– right there!!

This was one of those workouts that I made up one morning quickly, thinking it wouldn’t be too bad. I was wrong. And, by the time I was halfway through, I realized it included more burpees than I initially planned on doing! Good thing I like them so much, right?

No equipment necessary today. So feel free to clear some space at home if it’s terribly cold where you live, or find a park or your backyard, if you are smart and live where it’s warm.

This workout should take around 15-20 minutes. Start with 4 reps on each move. That is your first round. For round 2, you will do 8 reps of each exercise. Next up to 12 reps of each exercise, which is the top of the pyramid. Then you will move back down to 8 reps, then 4 reps, then you are done!


Down dog push-ups

You can add weight to all these moves, if you like, as a more advanced version. And add more reps in there. I originally planned on taking my pyramid to 16 reps at the top, but decided to drop it after I started. Just do what feels right to your body.

Quick update: Remember my birth control rant on Monday? Well, after I wrote that post, and thanks to responses from you guys, I decided to stop taking it on Tuesday. Which meant last night, the manner of women came. This is first time in over a year that I have had a period 3 months in a row. While I am excited to see my body is healing, especially after a week on The Pill, I was in so much pain last night from cramps, it was terrible! I am not a fan of taking ibuprofen, so, if anyone has tips on how to ease cramps naturally, pass them my way. Heating pad works, and I used some doTerra Deep Blue essential oil blend last time that helped. I’ll take any ideas you got!

So glad it is finally the weekend! The Workout Bud and I having wedding stuff all Saturday, planning in the morning, shopping for his outfit and his groomsmen’s outfit (dark denim, blue plaid shirt, vest, brown shoes), and we are REGISTERING! I’m so excited to use the scanny gun!

Let me know if you try the workout and how it goes!

Do you like bodyweight workouts? What are you up to this weekend?

– Jen.

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