For me, Saturday mornings have become a time when I take things slow. relax a bit (either before or after my workout). I love to sip on hot lemon water or eat some pancakes while I read through blogs. or spend time on Pinterest.
Because you can’t pin just one pin. Am I right or Am I right?
So, I decided Saturday’s are the perfect day for this series. Hopefully, you will be taking the morning slow, catching up on blogs. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to my ramblings about how I am learning to love my body. Hopefully I can encourage you to start learning to love your body. Just think of this as a virtual coffee date of sorts. Just girlfriends chatting and encouraging each other.

So grab you lemon water. Or coffee. Or tea. Or a fork for your pancakes. Settle in. And read on.

So, after a couple weeks of working out and thinking through the challenge for the first 4 weeks of the Bridal Bootcamp #BacktoBasics series, which was to master the push-up, I decided to change things up.

The challenge:


Yes, just move.

Let me explain.

I went to the gym on Wednesday. My plan was run at least a mile, but I hoped to make it 2-3. Then do my 400 rep ABsolutely fabulous workout. I ran my mile in 8:41, lip syncing ‘No Diggity’. Then I started the ab workout. Decided to break it up into 10 reps each. I did the 20 reps total for round 1, followed by 10 burpees. Then 20 reps for round 2, followed by 10 burpees.

And I was sweating big time. And tired.

I wasn’t sure I could make it another 200 reps total.

So, I did 10 reps for round 1, 5 burpees WITH a push-up, 10 reps for round 2, and ended with 5 burpees WITH a push-up.

Only 300 reps total.

I don’t know when exactly, in the past couple months that I ‘lost my fitness‘. When it came tougher for me to do the same type of workouts I could do for years with ease…well, not ease, but alot less strenuous.

I don’t know when I let fitness slip to spot #1.5.

But it did.

For the past few weeks I’ve been frustrated that I am not at the same fitness level I was at this summer or fall. I looked at pictures of my muscles from this summer and the workouts that I did with envy, wishing that I would wake up and magically have my abs visible and be able to squat 185# for reps.

It’s affected my workouts. I had myself believing the workouts I would do each day were not enough. Or that I am not strong enough when I get sweaty and sore from doing just body weight workouts. It was frustrating.

The reality is, the workouts were just fine. Great even. They met most of my requirements for the perfect workout and had I not be so hung up on being where I thought I should be , I know the workouts would have been so fun.

As I left the gym Wednesday, I knew that I had a good workout. My abs were sore. I had ‘the high’. I felt like I accomplished things. And I realized I needed to stop beating myself up, and just move.

Just move.

After some time off and a shift in fitness level. The goal should be to move. To workout.

To stop making excuses.


We make excuses. I made one for not knocking out my 50 push-ups yesterday. Whether it’s because people think they can’t workout or they don’t have time. Or the excuse that your workout is no good because it’s not at the level you are used to…or think you should be performing at.

So, as of Wednesday, I’ve stopped making excuses and started moving.

Moving when I wake up. Walking on the treddesk at work. Doing squats and jacks when I go to the bathroom. Doing #backtobasics2015 bodyweight exercises. Working on some mobility stuff.

I’ve also started looking at this as a new beginning. Remembering that, you need to start somewhere, if you are going to get anywhere. I just so happen to be starting with the basics. And working on building a strong foundation. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it calls for celebration. I subscribe to Neghar Fonooni’s email list and absolutely LOVE when I get a message from her. If you don’t know about this lady yet, head on over to her website after you finish this post. Just click her name above. She is awesome and full of so much inspiration!

A week or so ago, she sent out this email after she ran 2 miles, after years of just sprinting. She said:

When we undermine our accomplishments-no matter how small we believe them to be-we rob ourselves of the opportunity to celebrate. When we say “I only lifted [x amount], it wasn’t that much compared to…” we are doing ourselves a huge disservice. When we’re always looking towards the next, bigger, better goal, we don’t take the time to sit with the feeling of success and satisfaction that comes with the current victory.

And ultimately, when we pass over our accomplishments, we aren’t being present. Living in this moment means that I can appreciate the 3 minutes I shaved off my run time without saying “it’s not good enough yet.” It means that I can feel accomplished and successful, which inspires me to keep improving without feeling like a failure.

Girl, preach. See how she was talking to me there. Remember my bad attitude about the 300 reps. I should have been celebrating that I made it to the gym, made it through a mile so quickly, AND got through 300 reps!


So, tell me. Where are you at on your fitness journey? Have you gone back to the basics before? How did it feel? Do you undermine you accomplishments too? How can you make improvements to your attitude starting today?!

I’m excited to hear what you have to say. I’m off. To eat some sushi and do some apartment rearranging with The Boy. 

– Jen.

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