Happy Wednesday!

It’s busy over here this week, guys! I wanted to share a quick little circuit for WEEK 2 of the Bridal Bootcamp #backtobasics2015 Series! Need the dets? Click here (<– right there) and notice the tab up top ^^.

One of my favorite mini circuits to do lately involves planks and push-ups. I’ve love the plank and want to get back in the habit of adding them to my workouts. And, I’ve mentioned before that I am working on being a baller at push-ups. Showing up all the boys.

So, after my runs over the last week or two, this has been my go-to. It looks simple, but I’ve ended dripping in sweat.

You will need a timer. Start by holding plank for :15 seconds, then resting for :15 seconds. Do this for 2 minutes – holding for :15 seconds, resting for :15 seconds until you reach 2 minutes. You’ll hold plank for 1 minute total. Follow this directly with 10 push-ups (20 if you want extra practice). Repeat atΒ one to two times more.


Be sure to check some tips on holding plank, as well as some plank variations. Can’t do push-ups on your toes? Move to those knees or do the on an incline. Start practicing, because we have a push-up challenge coming in February!

Tonight, I’m helping The Workout Bud study for his personal trainer exam. He started studying about 2 weeks ago, so fingers crossed he passes! I’m sure he will do just fine.

I’m dreaming of a nutrition certification…coming soon. Hopefully!

What is your favorite mini circuit?

– Jen.

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