Happy Saturday!
Are you so glad for the weekend? It’s wedding planning ALL.DAY. with my mom!! I am so excited. I haven’t done much planning the past two weeks, so we are sitting down to make a game plan. Because the wedding is in 133 DAYS! Say what?! I can’t wait.

I know I’m one day late for this post. The past few days have been Operate Help The Workout Bud Pass His Personal Training Exam. Which he did on Thursday! And then we celebrated with his parents, so I didn’t get in my normal Friday post! Forgive me.

IMG_2061.JPGI’m bringing you a super fun workout today. Last week, I worked out in the evening and The Workout Bud FINALLY decided to come to the gym with me. He won’t do morning workouts anymore. Sad day.

When he got to the gym, I gave him two choices for a workout and he picked this one. The other will be on the blog in the coming weeks!

For this workout, you will need a partner and a timer. You can use equipment if you like, but we just stuck to bodyweight and no equipment…except for 10 mini box jumps, on a box that was already set up at the gym.

You’ll set your timer for 1 minute of work, 30 seconds of rest. We did 10 rounds, but feel free to do 15 to 20 rounds, depending on how much time you have.

One partner will start. Whatever exercises they do, the partner must do the exact same. For instance, I started out with push-ups, then lunges, then mountain climbers. The partner needs to do the moves at the same tempo as the other. The Bud tried busting out lots of push-ups to try to beat me. The point is to do the moves together. One partner mirroring the other. Hence the name.

The cool part is that the partner who is picking the workout, can switch it up whenever they want. I usually stuck with 10 reps of whatever exercise I picked. The Bud went for time, ie. plank for 15 seconds, push-ups 15 seconds, plank jacks 15 seconds, etc.


The beauty and pain of this workout: you can pick moves you want your partner to work on. The Bud is not a fan of cardio, so I tried to pick cardio moves for him. On the second to last round, because I thought it was the last round, I did lunge pulses and split squat jumps. He hated it, yes. But, so did I! My legs were burning.

My advise is to pick you poison. If you are picking exercises your partner hates, burpees for some, make sure that you can do them too. And get an idea of the moves your partner will pick for you – The Boy knew I wanted to work on push-ups and abs – so he did lots of them!


Most of all, have fun with it. This was definitely one of the funnest workouts we have done in a long time. I like working out on my own, but it’s just so much more fun when he is with me.

We celebrated his passing the test with a lifting workout Thursday. It was so great. I love lifting heavy things so much.


Be sure to catch all the workouts in the #backtobasics Bridal Bootcamp series!

Do you like to workout with a partner or by yourself?

– Jen.

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