Good Morning!
Happy Monday! Last week in January, can you believe it?
Did you have a good weekend?

Friday night, I did a bit of relaxing – did a bit of blog clean-up. Still going through old posts, trying to update the photos that never transferred after I made the switch to self-hosted.

Saturday was full day. I did some yoga when I woke up, met my mom and we headed to my soon to be apartment in June, which also happens to be The Workout Bud’s office. She took a look around the place and played interior decorator. She was so anxious to redecorate, but we had to reschedule the overhaul for next weekend. We spend the late part of the morning and early part of the afternoon doing wedding planning. She threw questions and plan ideas my way like it was her job. We finalized the invites and got some new paper (which saved about $20 – holla!).

Thanks to Old Navy for having a killer sale, because we got half of The Boy’s outfit for the wedding! Doesn’t he look so stinking cute?! As you can see, he was not in a shopping mood.


After we found the outfit (we went with the outfit on the right!), we had steaks and watched Big Hero Six with his parents. They made tenderloin steaks for everyone…and then a special T-bone for The Boy, because he likes steak so much. I seriously don’t know how he can eat so much at one time…or how his stomach digests it.

I slept terribly Saturday night, which lead to some wedding prep at 1:30am on Sunday, which lead me to sleeping in on Sunday morning. After a Target run, some house cleaning, and budgeting, I caught up on Hart of Dixie and did some blogging/workout planning.

This weekend stressed me out a bit with all the things I need to get done, so I’m taking this week a bit slower, focusing on sleep a bit more and taking it easy with workouts. I slept about 9 hours last night and it was so great! Ready for another Monday!

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a little inspiration for you today:



Get after it today!
Tackle that week!

Tell me the best part of the weekend! What are you looking forward to this week?!

– Jen.

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