Good Morning!
Happy February!
How is everyone doing? It’s been a minute since I talked to you guys. One week to be exact.

The beginning of last week was pretty busy, so I planned on a few posts towards the end of the week. However…. I was laid off Thursday morning. Needless to say, I wasn’t much in the mood for doing anything extra. Today is actually my last day – half day – so it’s a bittersweet Monday. I’ve already got a little post in the works, so be on the lookout this week for more details – probably Thursday. I can say that right now, I’m more exited about a new beginning than I am about the fact that I have no job…and I’m getting married in 4 minutes. Zoinks.

The weekend: Friday was just a chill night – nothing too crazy. The Boy and I started watching Sherlock. We made it through season 1. Saturday was a bit of wedding planning, budgeting, and other such random things. I ate at least half of the stack of pancakes below – I figured I deserved a stack of real cakes. They were so tasty and my stomach did feel it, but it wasn’t too bad. Saturday night, I had a Friends marathon while doing TONS of wedding Pinterest-ing.


Sunday was church. I was only half expecting the weather forecast to be correct ( we were supposed to get 6-10 inches), but when I got up, we had just a slushy dusting. I ended up going to a few house showings with The Boy, because I am an awesome fiance (he is a realtor). We jammed out to our wedding reception playlist and I started playing Ninja Fruit in between Pinterest and Bloglovin’. I’m basically a boss at the game, now.


And all the while playing it, I kept thinking…NO, DON’T TURN INTO A GAME NERD LIKE THE WORKOUT BUD! He, of course, got a chuckle out of it when he got in the car. We had lots of sushi (a bacon | sweet potato | bacon | avocado roll + a few rolls with homemade chili – strange, but good!), started season 2 of Sherlock and did a little apartment rearranging to end Sunday night. I wasn’t much in the mood for living it up at a Super Bowl party and neither of us are huge football fans.


Oh, and we just so happened to pass my FAVORITE German bakery on the way home from the showings. I grew up at that place, and I had to have a couple green leaf cookies – my most favorite. And full of gluten and dairy. Sometimes you just need it.

Here’s to another Monday…

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Perfect. Right.

I’m finishing up my half day at work and then I have a doctor appointment to talk hormones! I’m excited slash not excited. And to make me feel better and get me motivated to start working things out, I get my hairs cut on Tuesday! Woo.

Today is the close of one chapter, and the start of another.

So, make sure to make your Monday…


Tell me the best part of the weekend! What are you looking forward to this week?!

– Jen.

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