So, I’m not sure it’s possible that I can paint my nails without at least one of them getting messed up. Anyone else?

I’ve known this about myself for some time now, and occasionally, I just get it go, accept a knick here or there. Sometimes, I succeed and I have perfectly polished and extra shiny nails.

Yesterday, I decided to paint my nails, along with a few other TREAT YO’SELF DAY activities (speaking of which, I need to watch Parks and Rec from last night!). As soon as I got my second coat on, like seriously – 2 minutes later, I had a knock on the door, which was FedEx delivering my brand new MacBook Air. Of course, I was DYING to open it. I very carefully sliced through the tape and opened the box. After I applied the top coat, and it ‘had dried’ I took at the laptop to start playing.

Now, in that time, at least 2 nails were messed up thanks to picking up my tea cup – which I thought I did ever so carefully. And because the top of my pinky nail touched the bottom of my ring finger. SERIOUSLY!

I went to the gym after I was sure they were dry and after my first set of deadlifts, my pointer finger on my right had was all kinds of messed up. I seriously don’t even know how it happened!

Speaking of gym, I’d say it’s about time I give you a new #backtobasics2015 Bridal Bootcamp workout, right?! If you missed Monday’s post, I was laid off last week, so not much blog posting happened. Sorry about that.

This week, I am going to try and make up for it and share at least 2, maybe 3 workouts.

First up, a finisher that The Workout Bud and I did last week. We did some lifting – squats and lunges and rows. I wanted a quick finisher, more cardio based, so we knocked out this little finisher.

Now, if I’m being honest, The Bud and I thought it was a bit…’weak’ compared to the workout we had done. I had to agree. But I really liked both exercises, this finisher can be done for more than just 1 set (which is what we did), there are progressions, and most importantly, just because it was ‘easy’ for us, doesn’t mean that it will be easy for everyone.

The dets:

Grab your medicine ball. We used 8#, but feel to go lighter or heavier. Set your timer for a tabata set, :20 seconds of work | :10 seconds of rest | 8 rounds total. You will alternate moves for the 8 rounds/4 minutes. We started with the slams (<– tutorial)  first, then the taps.

Feel free to do multiple sets. You could do this as a warm up or finisher. Make sure you are going at 80-90% of your max.


I’m hoping to get some workout photos for you next week. We had everything done and ready to go for this series, than I ran into an issue and alas, we must retake.

Are the photos of each move helpful for everyone (example)? Would videos be better? Maybe a combination of videos AND photos (example)? Tell me what you think. Let me know what helps you most!

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How do you Treat Yo’Self?!

– Jen.

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