cashewhempseedballsI have a bit of an obsession with cashews.

Let me explain…I remember growing up at my Black grandparents house. There are a few distinct memories that always come to mind. Almost every summer day would include watching the Price Is Right from the kitchen table while eating a white bread (Wonder), mayonnaise, bologna and single slice of iceberg lettuce sandwich. So good!

In the afternoons, I’d occasionally help my grandma in her garden, toss a basketball in the hoop over the garage, or ride along in the car with her while she ran errands, me on the passenger side of the bench seat, her in the driver side (funny if I said the other way around, right?!), Christian talk radio (Moody Radio) playing the whole ride.


The carpet in their house was shag brown. I used to love running my hand over the carpet because running my hand to the right made the carpet darker, running to the left made it lighter (or vice versa). I spent many hours creating different patters and designs on the carpet.

A bowl of buttered white rice, filled with broken up pieces of sausage, pepper and dried parsley would greet me for breakfast nearly every morning. Occasionally, we’d mix it up and the bowl would be filled with scrambled eggs or crumbled bacon, but the sausage bowl was always my favorite. Even now, when I have tummy trouble or just need a little comfort food, I’ll whip up a bowl of white rice and top it with pepper and coconut oil.

And finally, the cashews. You were waiting to see where the cashews would come in, right?  Giant cans of Planter’s roasted and salted cashews. My grandpa loved them. And I loved them. And they always had a can at their house.

After they passed, I went quite a few years without cashews. Back a few years ago when I did my first elimination diet, I remembered this little sweet and salty nut and would eat them BY.THE.CAN. in the first month or so, in order to help me gain some weight.


It was super awesome because I could just eat a can for a snack and not even care that I was consuming hundreds of calories! These days, I stick with the raw version. Trader Joe’s carries a big bag of them at a reasonable price. I may or may not buy a bag or two and just eat them for days straight. By the handful.

This often happens so I told myself when I bought this last bag that I’d use part to make energy bites and part for cashew butter, which has become one of my favorite treats.

So, energy bites I made. And after that long, sentimental story, you get the recipe!


These little guys are super simple to make. I always struggle with the ratio of wet to dry for protein balls/energy balls. This attempt actually came out pretty well. They contain the PERFECT amount of cocoa, making them just the right amount of sweet and savory. Although, since the dough was a bit sticky, I rolled them in coconut at the end.

Perfection. Even The Workout Bud, who hates coconut, loves them!



And speaking of The Workout Bud and a little WIAW love (be sure to hop over to Jenn’s blog and check out other WIAW eats), we’ve been on an M&M kick the past couple days…My favorite candy pre-gluten free/dairy-free days, and they haven’t hurt my tummy yet. And I’ve eaten A.LOT.

IMG_0648.JPG IMG_0649.JPGThat handful is the amount of M&M’s The Bud eats at one time. Seriously. How weird is he? You eat non-regular M&M’s one at a time!

Do you like cashews?! How do you eat your M&M’s?

– Jen.

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