wellhellomondayGood Morning!
Happy Monday!

Do you have the day off for President’s Day? How was your weekend? Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? My favorite girls arrived at my parent’s house on Friday night. We talked and noshed on sugary treats, while drinking tea.

Saturday, we went to David’s Bridal to pick out bridesmaids dresses for the girls. We ended up going with this navy beauty. I’d been debating on whether or not to do navy or gold/champagne for the girls. The guys are wearing dark denim and a blue plaid shirt and our colors are navy/gold/champagne. But when the girls put on this dress, they all looked beautiful!

IMG_0694 IMG_0734And can I tell you a secret…only because I am pretty sure The Workout Bud won’t be reading this post…I got a new wedding dress! Ever since I got my dress at the end of December, I’d been having second thoughts. And when that happened, I’d look at pictures of it, or try it on and liked it again. Well, while looking for dresses for the girls, I spotted this dress and decided to try it on just for giggles. To my surprise, I loved it. And it fit nearly perfectly, showing off my bod, just as I had imagined my dress would. Then they put a veil on me and I had the little moment. And everyone from the store it seemed, came to look at me in the dress. And I got to ring a bell because I BOUGHT IT! Way cheaper than the dress I purchased already. I am hoping I can sell the original dress for close to what I bought it for! Eeek. So excited. Don’t spill the beans to The Boy.

IMG_0703After dress shopping and some lunch, we retired to my parent’s house and watched wedding movies and Sherlock, along with more girl talk and sugar treats.

Sunday, we planned my wedding shower and did more girl talk. I seriously felt so behind in my planning and since I am currently jobless, I’d put some planning stuff on hold too. After chatting with the girls and then The Boy, I think we’ve decided on a simple cake reception and then a dinner/party with all our super close friends after. Plus, now that I have the bridesmaids dresses and a new dress, I finally have a more clear direction that I want to go with the wedding, which should hopefully make planning from here on out, pretty easy.

IMG_0758The girls weekend was just what I needed. I feel so much better about the wedding and job situation. And I am ready to take on the week…including getting cavities filled. Yuck.

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IMG_0029Wishing it was as warm today in Indiana as it was in that photo. And wishing I was in Cali too.

Oh, also, did you notice that the blog is getting a bit of a facelift – see new header, new favicon, and new sharing buttons below! More features on the way!

My hormone panel came back ‘okay’, of course, although my AM cortisol levels were elevated, which is no surprise. I have another doctor appointment to go over everything this morning. Other than that, I don’t have much going on today!

Although, I am planning on making my Monday, LEGENDARY.


What was the best part of your weekend? How will you make your Monday LEGENDARY?

– Jen.

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