So, I had an interview at lululemon yesterday (I seriously want to work there, by the way) and because The Workout Bud got a whole in his last pair of jeans, he tagged along so he could shop while I interviewed. Turns out he just looked a Restoration Hardware instead. We ended up stopping by Old Navy. And then we got some of the greatest cupcakes ever.

The Flying Cupcake. Top Notch. True love.

Speaking of true love, I watched the How I Met Your Mother episode where Marshall and Lily get married and Barney marries them and starts crying. I LOVE that episode. Even more so because now that the wedding is almost 100 days away (eeeek!!) and I need to plan and I have no job, I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a much smaller wedding. We sent out Save the Dates for our planned 150-180 guests, which would mean that we would have to tell half those people that they can’t come anymore since we are broke now. We are still figuring it out, but the bottom line: weddings are tough to plan.

However, I do love planning. Workouts for instance, I love planning them. Like that transition there? This workout was one that I planned for the blog and did myself at the gym, only to find that I needed to tweak the time a bit. Stress has not made my body very happy lately, so I’m having to tweak workouts a bit.

What makes this workout unique is that it incorporates moves in all three planes of motion.

Let me explain.


There are three imaginary plans that dissect the body: the frontal, sagittal, and transverse plane. NASM-Figure-5.4

The frontal plan bisects the body into front and back halves. The types of movement that occur in the frontal plane include: abduction (moving limbs away from the midline of the body), adduction (moving limbs toward the midline of the body) and lateral spinal flexion (bending the spine from side to side). Lateral raises, side lunges and shuffle shuffle touch are a few exercises that can be done in the frontal plane. You can image there is a wall in front of you when thinking of exercises that fall in the frontal plane.

The sagittal plane bisects the body into left and right halves. The type of movements that occur in the sagittal plane include flexion and extension. Think bicep curl, lunges, squats, calf raises, running, and climbing. A majority of movements occur in this plane.

And finally the transverse plane, which bisects the body into upper and lower halves. The types of movement that occur in the transverse plane include internal rotation and external rotation. A few exercises include throwing a ball or Frisbee, cable trunk rotation or a chop.


There are 6 total exercises, 2 in each plane, although most include movements in multiple planes. You will set your timer for 26 rounds, 30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest. Complete all six moves (30 on | 30 off) and then rest for an extra 30 seconds before starting over.

Essentially, you will go through all 6 moves 4 times total – 24 minutes, and rest 30 seconds after each set for a total of 26 minutes. If you find you need more rest, just do 28 rounds, which will give you an additional 20 seconds per round of rest.

medballplaneofmotionI originally did this workout with 45 sec work | 15 sec rest and it was tough. If you are feeling good about it, go for this time range. You can also play around with rounds and such.

I used an 11# medicine ball for a few moves and then an 8# for the rest. Use a weight that works with your fitness level. You want to be challenged, but not too tired to complete the workout with good form.


Try this one out and let me know what you think. Feel free to do this without a medicine ball if you are still feeling bodyweight workouts. Make sure to check out more #backtobasics2015 workouts. AND keep me posted on how you are doing with your push-up challenge!

Do you like planning? What are you up too today?

– Jen.

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