Good Morning!
Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Can you believe February is nearly over? Time flies. Just like this weekend. Friday, I slept in a bit, did a little yoga and then had an interview at lululemon. It went pretty well and I’d certainly like to work for them. After, The Boy and I got some cupcakes and did a little shopping.

Saturday, we spent literally the entire day watching Psych. We are on a roll and all we want to do is binge watch. All I want is to see Jules and Shawn start dating. And all The Workout Bud wants is for me to stop complaining about wanting to see Jules and Shawn start dating! I did other such random things while watching and took a short yoga break, but for the most part, we were lazy. all. day. It was great. Sunday after church, we did a little more shopping and then spent the afternoon watching more Psych.

I wish I had a more exciting weekend to share, but it was pretty lazy and very low key. It was a pretty good week, but this weekend I started stressing out a bit about wedding plans and money and being jobless. I go through phases of being overly confident and excited about this new chapter, and super nervous and scared about the uncertainly of everything. Come with the situation, I suppose.

On a good note, I was hired on as an Assistant Coach/ContractorΒ (scroll to the bottom for my little bio)Β for Elevated Fitness. It’s just going to be a part-time thing, but I am super excited to get started with clients in March!

More interviews this week, along with figuring out how to do this blog thing full-time. Enjoy another Monday.

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Wishing this was my view today.

Make sure to make your Monday…LEGENDARY.

How was your weekend? What are you look forward to this morning?

– Jen.

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