I’m not even kidding.
It’s not like I can really even dance that well.

I’m a Biracial girl (and proud of it!) and I got some of dad’s rhythm. Lord knows, my mom has no rhythm at all. And she will be the first to admit it. Although, they are taking ballroom dancing classes and are doing pretty good.

I took ballet lessons when I was younger. There are pictures floating around my house of me in a bright red tutu, with sequins around the edges, curly brown locks pulled back into a bun, bright red lipstick on my lips and rosy pink cheeks.

When I was in junior high, I did a group dance with a few other friends to Mary, Mary – ShacklesDon’t think for one second that I will leak that photo. There should be a seminar in schools for girls with curly hair that teaches them how to handle the curls.

So, really, I’ve never been much of a dancers.

But every time I watch one of the Step-Up movies, I hope I’ll wake up the next morning equipped with all the skills I’d need to star in the next movie.


It never happens. Sadly.

The thing with these movies is they it makes me want to step up (hah, no pun intended) my fitness.

A few weeks ago, I watched the third movie, Step Up 3DSomehow I managed to see all the movies except that one. And it turned out to be my favorite. I just love Moose. The lead girl was such a great dancer. Seriously good.

After watching her moves, all I wanted to do was practice yoga more, try out some marital arts classes, and get my dance on. Be as good as her!

However, I am sure she went through years of dance school and practiced a ton to get that good. And while I know I will never be as awesome as her, it inspires me to work harder, push myself and try new things.


Thanks to the lovely Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy for hosting The Fit Dish each Tuesday. Make sure to head over to their blog to see what other movies inspire fitness.

I seriously was going to talk about a scene from Rocky. But, I’ve never seen the movie, I just LOVE the song Eye of the Tiger. Maybe someone else will pick it!

What movie (or movie scene) inspires your fitness?

– Jen.

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