It is not smoothie weather.
It’s cold.
And I want spring.
Summer even.
Just warm weather.

applecinnamonsmoothieBut alas, I love smoothies, so I make them in any kind of weather. I made a variation of this smoothie for The Workout Bud the other morning. His parents went out of town this weekend for an extended amount of time, so we raided their house, rescuing any food we knew would go bad. And we left with lots of apples.

So I cut them all up and put them in the fridge, hoping he would eat those instead of the giant bag of Twizzler’s he bought earlier in the week. Didn’t work. Until I decided to add apples to his protein smoothie. Must sneak the fruits and veggies with this kid.


He ended up liking the smoothie, so I thought I’d make one to drink in the car on the way to my interview yesterday morning. Of course, I added a few more ingredients to mine. And it tasted amazing.

Think apple pie in a glass.


This smoothie is jam packed with healthy fats, carbs and protein. Protein + fats from the seeds. I love both hemp seeds and chia seeds. Lots of protein from the powder (obv), gelatin and the spirulina. Don’t worry, you can’t taste the spirulina, but you do get its awesome benefitsLike giving the smoothie a pretty green color!

Drink this treat as a ‘pre breakfast’ or post workout snack. If you do this post workout, feel free to add a full scoop of protein. And pick your choice of protein powder. I’m a bit of a Vega Sport snob. I just love it.

And because it’s Wednesday. Here’s my WIAW – What I Drank Yesterday Edition.

green apple cinnamon smoothie. to go.
a little Starbucks bold + cinnamon.
honey lavender chamomile tea before bed.
honey lavender chamomile tea before bed.


Do you like apple pie? What are you eating this Wednesday?

– Jen.

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