I moustache you a question: Have you ever done MAN MAKERS?


Can we ask who thought up that name? Before we answer that, I have a few things for you:

1. Can we talk about the Parks and Rec finale? I finally watched it yesterday afternoon. And almost started ballin’ multiple times. It was seriously one of the best series finale’s I’ve ever seen. I was so glad they brought back Anne and Chris. I, literally, could not stop laughing. Well done, Parks and Rec. Well done.

2. The Workout Bud and I are addicted to Psych. We watched like 6 episodes last night alone. I joked yesterday that we should just binge watch for the next few days and get through the entire series…and I kind of meant it.

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Okay, workout time.

One of the most viewed posts on the blog is my (WO)MAN MAKERS WORKOUT. Personally, I love  man makers, but it hasn’t been featured in many of the workouts I’ve shared. I also noticed that it’s been a minute since I give you guys a deck of cards workout. So, to remedy both, I give you:



Grab a deck of cards or a deck of cards app on your phone. You will need a pair of dumbbells. I used a 15# in the video. You want a weight that will challenge you, but not be too tough to use for the duration of the workout.

The number on the card will be the number of reps for each move. For every face card, do 10 reps. So, if you flipped a 5 of hearts, you do 5 plank jumps. Rest when needed. There are no designated rest periods.

The graphic below gives you the moves that correspond to each suit. You will be doing PUSH-UPS, THRUSTERS, PLANK JUMPS, and BENT OVER ROWS. MAN MAKERS correspond to face cards.


If you look on YouTube, there are quite a few variations of a man maker. I like to think of it as a super burpee of sorts. All include the individual hopping back into plank, followed by a push-up and dumbbell row, on each arm, then hop up. Rather than just hop up with weights in hand, you will add a clean and thruster at the end.



  • BENT OVER ROW: grab dumbbells, feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, roll shoulders back and down. Hinge at the hip, keeping bag flat, engaging the lats, navel to spine, arms in front of you. Drive elbows straight back into a row.
    MOD: Use lighter weight, if necessary.
  • PUSH-UPS: review tips on how to master the push-up.
    : Knees or box for regression.
  • THRUSTER: grab dumbbells, feet a little wider than hip width apart, feet pointed out slightly, roll shoulders back and down. Clean dumbbels up to your shoulders. Sink into a low squat, keeping abdominals and glutes tight, weight in heels. As you come up from your squat, drive through heels, while pushing weights up overhead, with lats engaged and abdominals drawing to the spine.
    MODS: Use lighter weight, if necessary.
  • PLANK JUMPS: come into plank position, fingers spread wide, abdominals, glutes and quads nice and tight. Use abdominals to jump your feet towards your hands and then back into plank position.
    MODS: Step back and forth, if jumping if too tough on knees.
  • MAN MAKERS: same setup as a BENT OVER ROW, hop back like in the PLANK JUMP. Perform a push-up with dumbbells in hand, followed by a row on each side. Hop back up, standing up slightly, and cleaning the dumbbells. Once dumbbells are up by shoulders, perform a thruster. REPEAT.

Excuse the less than stellar videos. I didn’t have The Workout Bud with me to take photos/videos, so I had to make it work.

Try it out and let me know what you guys think. If anyone has any workout requests, shoot them at me.

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Do you like man makers? What are you doing this weekend?!

– Jen.

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