Well, Hello Monday...Good Morning!
Happy March!
I’m pretty ready for March – warmer temperatures, Active Living Project and new adventures!

So, how was your weekend? Friday, I spent the morning at the coffee shop banging out my todo list – caught up on emails, organized all my photos and files on my laptop, cleaned up my Google Drive, uploaded things to Dropbox and did some wedding planning. Only 96 days! Can’t believe it.


Saturday morning started with pancakes. And they were glorious. After, went to the gym and did part of the Manmaker Deck of Cards Workout. It was so tough! I made it through 35 cards in 45 minutes. Those manmakers are no.joke. I ended my workout with some yoga. My wheel was so good and I held crow for so long. The best I’ve felt leaving the gym in a long time. I’ve been in a funk for weeks! Saturday was a good day all around. Plus, I finally got to the episode of Psych were Jules and Shawn get together!

IMG_0980.JPGWe had a snow day on Sunday, church was cancelled. After some Jesus time, MNB planning and bulletproof coffee, I got to cooking. I haven’t done meal prep in weeks and I certainly made up for it. I made:

  • roasted butternut squash
  • spaghetti squash
  • roasted sweet potatoes
  • lamb and sausage chili (recipe coming soon, promise!)
  • sardine + avocado salad
  • avocado yogurt sauce
  • butternut squash noodles (and shredded carrot noodles)
  • brown rice
  • cashew + coconut butter
  • vanilla orange protein balls (recipe coming soon!)
  • coconut flour waffles 

It felt so good to be in the kitchen cooking! One of the things that brings me the most joy is cooking. And what’s even better is that The Workout Bud liked everything. Love getting seasoning and such right on the first try. Be on the lookout for recipes soon. The chili and protein balls are too good not to share!

IMG_0983.JPGQuick side note,  the coconut flour waffles. Brittany Angell can make a waffle. It was the TASTIEST grain-free/dairy-free waffle I’ve ever eaten. Yes. Bold statement. True statement. Maybe make them after reading this. Or make them then read this. Either way, make them.

Overall, guys, I’m feeling so good. Last week, along with the yoga, I worked on getting more sleep and reducing my stress. My hormone panel showed that my cortisol was high. So, I’ve been taking an adrenal supplement the past week, along with increasing my vitamin d to 1,000 UI, and drinking some salted water in the morning (thanks to the lovely Lindsay!). And, the best part – my acne seems to be clearing up. I’m just noticing scars now. Crazy how much stress can affect our body!

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And don’t forget to…

Well, Hello Monday...

What are you doing this Monday? What are you looking forward to this week?!

– Jen.

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