It’s sunny and warmer outside, I had delicious eggs for breakfast, I’ve got a pep in my step, AND a great kettlebell workout for you guys today!!

Remember the ‘Need More Kettlebell‘ workout from last March? It might have been one of the first kettlebell workouts featured on Burpees for Breakfast, and a favorite for sure.

Not that this one is a follow up to that workout, but I couldn’t think of a solid name for this workout. So, I stole a bit of the title from the old one. It’s my blog, I do what I want!

I did this workout earlier in the week and it was a perfect little workout that got my heart rate up and muscles hurting-o-so-good.

It’s also the next workout in the Bridal Bootcamp #BackToBasics2015 series. Make sure to click the tab up top to find out more details!

Kettlebell-quickieI used 2-35# bells for the carry, deadlift (unfortunately, not pictured – so forgetful!), and 1 for the swing. The clean-press-windmill was a different story. I used a 25# because I am still working on strength and form. Pick a weight that will challenge you, but one in which you can still keep good form.

kettlebell-farmers-carry kettlebell-swing kettlebell-clean-and-press-to-windmill

  • FARMER’S CARRY: For the carry, I walked around my gym 1x. I’d imagine it was near 1-2 minutes in length. This is one of my favorite exercises for grip strength AND back strength. This picture is obviously just for show, make sure to engage lats, shoulders, abdominals, forearms, and glutes as you walk.
  • CLEAN + PRESS + WINDMILL:  All these moves can be done by on their own, but form a complex of sorts when strung together. Starting on one side, perform a single arm clean, followed by a press. At the top of the press, turn feet at 45 degree angle into windmill stance, and perform a windmill. Come back up, release bell to rack position, and release to tap the ground. Repeat the clean + press + kettlebell for 10 reps. Move to other side.

kettlebell-faceCan we talk for one second about my face on the kettlebell swing. SERIOUSLY, ever photo looked like these or worse. I had to actively make myself smile to take a decent photo for the blog! Gotta love it.

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I’m off to help my mom shop for her detox! Make sure to message me if you are interested in finding out more!

Are you a fan of kettlebells?
What are you up to this weekend?

– Jen.

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