Guys, I am sore.

My legs – calves, shins, and arches of my feet. I took a spin class yesterday. Spinning is something I don’t do often, but I’d to start incorporating it into my workouts every once in a while. And I only spun…did spin…for 30 minutes. It was following a 30 minute strength session. Loved it all, but it was a bit killer.

Speaking of workouts – which we talk a lot about here at Burpees for Breakfast – today on The Fit Dish, we are chatting about 5 people we’d like to workout with or be trained by. Linking up again with my favorite ladies, Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy!


These are a few of the women that have inspired me in my fitness journey. And I may or may not have a woman crush on a couple of them.


neghar-fonooniHer motto is eat, lift, and be happy. All things I can get on board with and things I like to incorporate into my own life. I found Neghar maybe last summer when I started lifting heavy things. She promotes body love and being confident in who you are. This lady can lift heavy things like it’s her job.
I’d love to train kettlebells with Neghar. Have her make sure I’m on par with my form, plus coach me on the moves I’ve been working on lately.


lift-weights-faster-jen-sinkler-qouteWhen asked what she does for cardio, Jen Sinkler said – ‘I lift weights faster.’ Jen shares some excellent workouts on her blog, and includes videos of each move/workout, something I find incredibly helpful. Like Neghar, she promotes having a positive body image, encourages women to lift heavy things and be ‘unapologetically strong.’
If I could workout with Jen, we’d hopefully do some heavy lifting-faster. Maybe since she and Neghar are friends, we could just do a combined workout with some HIIT intervals, kettlebells and other lifts.


ashley-horner-4Girl is intense. I did one of her workouts last summer and it She combines high intensity intervals with strength training – two types of workouts that my body craves. Her workouts are tough, but so good. And I’m sure they would still be killer in person.


adriene-fwfg-21I had to look up Adrienne’s last name. Because I only know her as ‘Yoga with Adrienne.’ She’s my favorite yoga teacher. She makes it so fun and enjoyable. You can find TONS of great yoga sequence videos and tutorials on her YouTube channel. What I love about Adrienne is that she is not afraid to laugh at herself, or even make jokes during practice. Sometimes during yoga class it’s all ‘Why so serious?!’ With Adrienne you get fun and a legit class. And I’d love to do a session with her in person.


molly-galbraithMuch like Jen Sinkler and Neghar Fonooni, Molly is all about promoting positive body love, fueling your body properly and lifting heavy things. She runs Girls Gone Strong, the Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training. This is one of my go-to resources for tips and tricks on certain lifts and to find answers to questions on nutrition and proper form.
I’d love to lift with Molly, and take any tips on form and function she can give!


How fun would it be if we could all workout TOGETHER! Can we arrange that Jill and Jess? Either way, I am so inspired by this Fit Fam and it would be an honor and JOY to workout with everyone!

I’ve got some big news to share, but I can’t do it just yet. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog, on Instagram and make sure to sign up for the newsletter!

So, who would be in your top 5?

– Jen.

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