Everyone else super pumped it Friday?

I’ve been teaching more this week, which has been so great. I teach my first BodyWorks + Abs (body sculpting) class today and I am having trouble making a workout! Need to get out of my bootcamp hat and put on my group fitness hat.

Speaking of bootcamp, we’ve got a bootcamp workout for today, the latest in the Bridal Bootcamp #BackToBasics2015 series. If you’ve missed the previous workouts, be sure to check out the Bridal Bootcamp tab for all the workouts.

Today’s bootcamp burner is a snippet of the workout I created for my bootcamp classes this week and it was a hit! Since we are on Week 8, this workout does include weights. If you are still not feeling it, all these moves can be done with just your bodyweight. All of our Back To Basics moves are featured, so they should be familiar.



You will need a step, bench or chair, mid-weight set of dumbbells (for class, we had 7.5#), and a mid-heavy kettlebell (we used a 30# in class).

You’ll also need a timer. I used to use the Gymboss app on my phone, but I just got the new  Gymboss MiniMax and I LOVE IT! For class, we started with a tabata and then 2 different timed rounds of work. I was able to store all three intervals on the timer. It made everything run so smoothly.


This workout contains two rounds, each with different intervals. For the first, you will do 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest. Round 1 will be 10 minutes. The second round will be 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. Round 2 will be 10 minutes. The workout will be ~20 minutes, not including a warm-up or cool down (DO NOT SKIP THIS!!) If you would like a longer workout, complete each round twice.


ELEVATED PLANK WALKS: Come into hand plank position in front of a low box, feet slightly wider than normal to form a stable base. Walk right hand to the top of the box, followed by the left. Then walk right hand down to the ground, followed by the left. Brace core and keep glutes/quads tight to keep hips from swaying back and forth.

SQUAT + PRESS: holding dumbbell/dumbbells/10# plate, hold weight close to body, chest level, as you squat, press the weight out in front of you. Bring back in on the way up.

SUPERMANS w/PULL DOWN: Starting in superman position, as you raise up, pull arms down, elbows back. Imagine you’re pulling a rope or band down (you could add a band for extra resistance). Similar to a row.

BOX HOP OVERS: Just like hop overs on a ball. Use a box instead. If jumping in too much, step up on the box and then over.

HIGH SKIPS: Remember those skips from grade school. Just the same movement, except instead of focusing on distance, focus on height.

So, I’ve been tossing around the idea of actually selling the a Bridal Bootcamp package/workout on the blog. It would contain quite a few more workouts, more details and such. Likely a nutrition component. If it were offered, would anyone be interested?!

Linking up with the fabulous Jill Conyers for this week’s workout!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

What’s on deck for this weekend?

– Jen.

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