Well, Hello Monday...Good Morning!
Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend?! It was warm and sunny and wonderful. I loved it.
Friday, however, was a little cloudy and dreary. I spent the day creating a workout and doing lots of wedding planning. Close to 80 days left means I should step it up and get to planning. I taught my first BodyWorks + Abs class on Friday night. It went okay for the first one and The Workout Bud gave me good feedback. A couple of my bootcampers were there, and one wished that I would actually teach the classes, instead of just sub. Other people called me crazy, which I’m taking to mean that it was a decent workout! After, The Boy and I dropped by a friends birthday party, before finishing up season 7 of Psych over pizza and cereal!

IMG_1251.JPGWe had a wedding Saturday – my dear friend Tracy. Thanks to Pi(e) Day, we got to eat lots of pie! Look at these cute favors – filled with a mini pie. I saw so many people I haven’t seen in so long. It was a great reunion too! After, we headed to Indy to have some food/drinks with his bros, a few of which were at Comic Con. We people watched as we waited…and then we had to walk through the Con. Let’s just say…Not a place I’d ever go again. It was a whole other world. So many costumes.

IMG_1250.JPGSunday fun. After church, we went to his parents house to do some furniture moves, then furniture delivery, then we moved the gigantic ugly brown couch from our apartment, and dropped everything at GoodWill. As a thank you, his parents too us to a new restaurant on the water. Lots of sweet potato fries and my favorite, a vodka cranberry.

IMG_1249.JPG IMG_1248.JPGThe weekend is always over too soon, right. But, here’s to another Monday…

on life: things you should know

on being more, not less: 13 ways <– LOVE. She is too great!

on inspiration: the athlete’s manifesto

on a healthy balance: stress management

on crying: it’s okay to do it

on fit goals: having a positive mindset to reach goals

on rest days: are they necessary?

on metabolic resistance training: the #1 problem

on lifting weights faster: instead of cardio? <– I bought LWF2! Can’t wait to try it!!

on the kettlebell snatch: a how-to

on my ‘Stellar workout’s to try’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘I am hungry. I want to eat all these NOW!’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on nutrition: more important than exercise

on my ‘Future home envy’ list: one. two. three. four. five.


Make that your mantra for the week!

I’m teaching some classes, working on making some dreams come true (more on this), planning goals in color (more on this), and doing some MAJOR wedding planning this weekend with my mom and sister!

Don’t forget to Make Your Monday…LEGENDARY!

How will you make your Monday LEGENDARY? What was your favorite part of the weekend?

– Jen.

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