So, I started watching Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtAnyone else started yet?

I love Ellie Kemper. Sometimes Titus is a bit much for me. I like the show. And I think I’ll watch the whole season. But it just doesn’t fill the void left from Parks and Rec!

lamb-sausage-butternut-chiliLAMB + SAUSAGE BUTTERNUT CHILI

I couldn’t think of a good transition, so let’s just get to the recipe I’m sharing today. This chili is the.bomb.

You might think it’s getting too warm outside for chili, but it’s been in the super low 50’s the past few days. Even though it’s warm and getting sunny, it’s still cool enough for a warm, hearty dinner.

IMG_0992The first batch of this chili was one of those where I threw things in a pot and it came out tasting wonderful. It didn’t need any extra seasoning at the end, and The Workout Bud loved it. I knew it was a winner at that point, but even more so when it came out perfect the second time I made it.

I paired the chili with my new favorite waffles, Brittany Angell’s Fluffy Coconut Flour Waffles. Guys, if you can’t do gluten or dairy, but are craving waffles, go make these now right after you make the chili. Or while the chili is cooking.

I like to freeze them, so they are always on hand. I topped two with a giant ladle of chili. Perfection.

lamb-sausage-chili-with-wafflesThis chili is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. The butternut squash, molasses and pumpkin pie spice pairs wonderfully with the mildness of the lamb and slight spice of the sausage and red chili paste. It’s pretty quick and easy to make. PLUS, it freezes nicely, so enjoy it any time.


I’m actually making this chili (and maybe the waffles) for my mom tonight. She had a bit of freakout last night because she couldn’t think of anything to make on her detox. We talked it out and it calmed her down. But she still hoped that I’d make dinner for her. So after talking up this chili, she decided she wanted it.

Tonight will be filled with chili and lots of wedding planning and movies!

Are you a chili fan? what are you eating for dinner tonight?

– Jen.

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