I’ve been on a protein bar/ball kick lately.
Since I’m teaching so much and running around half the day, I need a quick and portable snack that is filling.

Enter the protein bar and/or ball.

Luckily, Kroger is selling out of some of their Cliff Mojo Bars, and they usually have Lara Bars on sale for $1.00, so I’ve been stocking up.

But, why buy a bar, when you have all the ingredients to make something yourself!?

So, that’s just what I did.



There are a few things I love about these bars:

  • They have sprinkles in them – who doesn’t love that?
  • They are chewy from the oats, but have a slight crunch from the chia seeds.
  • It’s impossible to eat just a small bite or two, but they are so filling, it’s tough to eat more than 1 normal size bar at a time.
  • They are made with real, whole ingredients that are simple AND nutrient dense.
  • They are packed with vegan + gluten free vanilla protein.

Because I can, now that I’m getting my nutrition certification and what not, let me drop a little bit of knowledge on you guys. I mentioned that these bars are nutrient dense. What does that mean, you ask?

A food that is nutrient dense means that it provides a substantial amount of nutrients with only the necessary calories. It’s the ratio of nutrients to calories. With the exception of the protein powder, which obviously has more ingredients than one, every other item needed for these bars only contain 1 ingredient – a healthy fat, a quality protein, a natural sugar.

vanilla-chia-protein-barsAnd let’s talk protein powder for a minute. I am kind of snob when it comes to protein powder. If I am lifting, I want Vega Sport. It packs 26g of protein, plus fats and BCAA’s. And it’s vegan, best part.

When I’m not a Vega Sport snob, my new favorite protein powder is by Arbonne. Anyone else always associate Arbonne with skin care products? Me too.

Until my close friend did a 30 Day Healthy Living and Beyond Detox with Arbonne. She had tremendous success with the detox, so she shared some of the protein with me. Guys, it’s so good.

vanilla-chia-protein-barsIf you’ve ever tried protein powder, you know it can be a challenge to find one that isn’t gritty or down-right gross. This powder is smooth and had a delicious vanilla flavor. It’s packed with 20g of plant based protein (combination of pea, cranberry and rice protein), vitamins (A, D, E, B6 and B12 to name a few), minerals (Calcium, Manganese, and Zinc, to name a few), and healthy fats like flax seed. I love using this powder for smoothies, of course, but it added the perfect vanilla touch to these protein bars.



I wanted to share a quick tidbit about the 30 Day Healthy Living and Beyond Detox with Arbonne. I’ve mentioned that my mom is going through the detox right now. She is doing so so well, especially in her 3rd week! Here is what she texted me the other night about it:

I definitely don’t feel hungry like with regular ‘diets.’ I don’t think I’ve ever felt hungry during this [detox], unless I’ve waited to long to eat (HANGRY!) It really does help you see that you can eat better, it just takes some getting use to, which is why the recipes you sent are so helpful.

She’s lost 2 inches in her bicep and thighs, 1.5 inches in her hips, and 1 inch in her wait and chestalready. And her goal, her WHY, wasn’t even to lose weight. She just wanted to do it to jump start her journey to living healthy and feeling great!

Are you interested? Maybe you don’t need to lose weight. Maybe you just want to start eating healthy and need a little kick in the pants to get started. Never fear, I am here to help!

On April 1, I’ll be doing the detox with The Workout Bud. He loves his sugary treats and cow’s milk, so if he is agreeing to do this with me, you know it must be a good program. We will have a few other people joining in, and I would LOVE for you to join us too!

To find out more details about the program, visit the Arbonne tab (<– or click the link). If you want information or to join us on April 1, be sure to sign up on that page and I’ll send you all the details. If April is too short notice for you, I’ll be doing another cycle in May!

vanilla-chia-protein-barsNow, go make those protein bars.
Enjoy the sprinkles.

And yes, it was not easy getting the sprinkles from the plate back into the container.

Oh, and linking up (late) with my girls Jill and Jess for The Fit Dish!

Do you like protein bars? Have you heard of Arbonne? Are you ready to start the journey to healthy living?!

– Jen.

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