Make-your-monday-legendaryGood Morning!
Happy Monday! How are you doing? How was the weekend?

Guys, I’m getting married in 2 months! After breakfast with one of my besties and her hubs on Friday morning, I spent the afternoon cutting all our wedding invites and addressing the RSVP’s. My mom designed and printed off all the invite stuff, so we only spent like $20 on the invites. I cut everything out while watching Scandal (LOVE!) and The Mindy Project (ADDICTED!), but when I went to stuff the envelopes, I didn’t cut close enough to the edges. So, I had to trim allllll the invites again. Luckily, The Boy helped and we got everything done. They are going to the post office tomorrow!

invitesSaturday, I did some wedding planning stuff with my mom. I realized that we getting married so stinking soon, so that I better step it up and get more stuff planned! I thought I found at least 1 pair of shoes, but alas, they were too tall of a heel. Still  on the search. My wedding dress…oh my word, I just love it. I look pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. Much better than the model – I’m that confident I look smoking!

arbonne-mondaySunday, I subbed a BodyWorks class before church. I ended at 10:45 and church started at 11:00, and I was about 10 minutes away. I ended up getting to church at 11:10. I didn’t even look in the mirror after I got dressed, and I put on all my makeup in the car. Even so, my mom complemented my hair and outfit multiple times when I saw her. Always happens, right!

steak-potatoesThe Boy and I headed over there for a bit after church. She is doing a Newlywed Game at my Bridal Shower and she filmed some of his answers. Right after, we went to his parents house for steak and Mockingjay. And ended this night with random things and a long walk.

I’ve got a big todo list for the week that I can’t wait to tackle! Let’s get to another edition of ‘Well, Hello Monday…

on female fitness marketing: why performance matters

on your health: 4 areas you are neglecting

on hypertrophy and supersets: everything you need to know

on helping people reach fitness goals: 10 tips

on living your fitness: 7 tips

on real strength: 5 rules

on lifting weights: why it’s better than cardio

on fish oil: why it’s not recommended anymore (Precision Nutrition)

on abs: rice krispies over kale

on my ‘Must try workout’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘I want to eat all the food’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on all the fats: eat it to burn it.

on my ‘Pinterest closet be my real closet’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six. seven.

on headbands: a diy

on my ‘Future home inspiration’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

Beautiful flowers on The Workout Bud’s parents house. Love lilies.

Ready to tackle the week. Honestly, not sure what I have coming at you this week in terms of posts, so make sure to check in and see what I have! And make sure to sign up for the newsletter to get exclusive content each week!

Make your Monday Legendary!

What was the best part of the weekend?
How will you make your Monday Legendary?

– Jen.

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