Make-your-monday-legendaryGood Morning!!

How are you doing? Are you as glad as I am that it’s finally spring. Sure, we have some rain today, but the weekend was beautiful and I know that it’ll be mostly warm and sunny for the next 4-5 months. I’m such a warm weather kind of girl.

Weekend. How was your’s? I had a great, but always too short, one. Friday, was wedding planning day with my mom and sisters. I taught 4 classes the day before, so I thought I’d be too sore. Surprisingly, my muscles recovered well, and I was only a little tired to start the day.

We found my shoes for the wedding and a option for a headband. I think I am going to skip the veil, because really, girl ain’t got $180+ for it. I think we are going to have to play seamstress to find a slip and undergarment that works. The dress has an open about halfway down my back and then has a gigantic slit starting at my upper thigh. The options we tried at David’s Bridal did not work well at all. We got a couple other random things done and I started working on the mad libs for the reception.

smoothies-hello-mondaySaturday, The Boy and I did more wedding things. We looked at nice bands, ordered our fun bands, shopped at lululemon, where he spent way too much money…and by too much money, I mean 2 pairs of shorts, a tank and lightweight jacket. And I broke down and got my first pair of lululemon shorts. We will be stylish for our engagement photos at least. We found a few things, including another engagement photo shirt for him, at Old Navy. Our night ended with dinner at our favorite restaurant with both our parents. We had seriously the best time ever.

engagement photo options After church on Sunday, we ran to the mall to find me a cute dress for our engagement photos and to pick up a few groceries. I cleaned a bit, prepped a training packet for a client (check out the ‘Work With Me’ tab for pricing and options!), made some banana bread (Sam, The Boy is addicted), had faux Qdoba bowls for dinner, went on a long walk, cleaned the rest of the house, and got rid of all the clothes that don’t fit me anymore.

It’s funny because on the walk, I was all – ‘Oooh, look at how big and muscular my quads are getting.’ And then trying on all my old clothes, I was all – ‘Stupid quads and giant booty. Nothing fits anymore!!’ It’s a hard knock life, yes. But that just means I need to go on a mini spring/summer shopping spree…and find a place that actually makes shorts for girls with a small waist, but muscular quads and tushies.

faux qdobaWe also got wedding rsvp’s in the mail too. With no return address or name. I had assumed that when people would send in their rsvp, that they would put their return address on it, or at least their name. That’s what I would do….but no. We got 2 rsvp’s with no name and no return address. The Boy thought it was my deal – for not putting the return address on a letter with postage attached already. But I begged to differ. What do you think?

Oh, Monday’s. Here is to another one. It’s a little short today. Two weeks of crazy teaching schedule has apparently left me falling behind on inter web reading and responding to my own blog comments!

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on my ‘Must try workouts’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

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on my ‘I want to make all the recipes!’ list: one. two. three. four.



I might have used that quote before, but I just love it. Especially this week. Be on the lookout for posts this week. The past two weeks were busy and I took a little bloggy break. Look for a new workout, product reviews and success stories from the 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge!

If you haven’t signed up yet, please do! We have about 2ish weeks before we start the round for May! Be sure to email with any questions!

Make your Monday Legendary!

What was the best part of the weekend?
How will you make your Monday Legendary?

– Jen.

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